Friday, May 28, 2010

Finished: GURPS 4E player handout

I got a strong urge to make a player hand out based on GURPS Lite 4e. What I did was I inserted a ton of my home brew rules and made it tailor only to Low Tech. Basically its a complete enough players introduction to GURPS for low tech games.

There was no art and floating tables because I only did it in Open Office writer, so its only 25 pages.
  • Removed all Supernatural and Non-low Tech Genre elements
  • Used My definition of Social and Psychological Disadvantages
  • The disadvantages are re calibrated that Cannot Harm Innocents and Psychopathic tendencies are considered aberrant or part of the normal human character.
  • Put a more consistent organization on some definition.
  • Cut out a lot of the text that make modern references.
  • Cheap Items are the "default" price.
  • used the Marian Legionaire Equipment Load out as the Sample Load-out for quick starts.
Anyway, bottom line I find it suitable for introducing new players into GURPS 4E quicky while having enough rules to 25 pages. What happens next is me printing it out and editing it. As a document its hard to edit the problems on my laptop. A high lighter and post its would go faster and another pair of eyes.

Of course I put all the copyright disclaimers and its really meant for this GMs game and not for distribution.

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