Saturday, May 8, 2010

(Homebrew) OSRIC pregens

Made some homebrew tweaked OSRIC pregens that Fit CCG Sleeves. I plan to cut the printoutsand place them with my old L5R serving as stiff backing. I'm not going to destroy the cards.

Pregen Equipment (Card Back).

Shields. One can argue by OSRIC rules: it is Mobile Cover. Its better than normal cover because its reacts to attacks AND the wielder can shift his footing with greater flexibility. 1 bonus to AC can be "at rest" bonus. I'm keeping note that Shields are still vulnerable to being broken, they follow the Item save table in p. 375 crushing Blow and Normal blow modified (worsened) by damage. So a sword hitting a shield for 11pts of damage causes it to save at 14 (or DC31 with a +17 bonus).

Armor is not AC, instead it grants Dmg Resistance equal to its Armor Class Bonus. As mentioned in the previous post leather armor is Boot Leather Stiff and thick lames, scales, shaped "Muscled" cuirass or breastplate. 10lbs is good for torso. Targeted attacks are -4 to hit. Heads are armored with steel helmets for the warriors and hardened leather for non-warriors.
Because some weapons Can't penetrate armor, PCs have to make called shots for necessarily unarmored or lightly armored joints and limbs.

Rounds. I also tweaked the rounds to be 6 seconds while maintaining the rate of attacks. Darts at 3 attacks per round (surikens!) Darts are there to keep a targets shields facing the Dart Thrower. If it does not draw enough attention, +2 to hit because it typically means there is a worse threat to deal with!

Movement. movement in yards per second.
Money. is in bronze Farthings/Folles following Prices in Grain to Gold and Fief. Warriors 1200f, Clerics 100f, Rogues 700f, and Wizards 500f.
Pregen notes. I WAS going to convert the Pregen PCs at the back of the adventure, but the damn stats are TOO HIGH! I went back to 3e's NPC array 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8. F*Ck stat envy, the cognitive bias Players have when they encounter "ordinary" NPCs with a couple of 17s and a couple of 16s. It is like the people rolling the stats though just because its not an 18 it is more likely. I think two 17s are more unlikely than one 18s, and 2 x 16s, 2 x 15s, 2x 14s, and 2x12-14 are even less likely.

Realization. Flanking is easy with teamwork and a lot bonuses "stack". When i was a kid, I was always having a hard time with the combat rules because I don't know what really goes on. I failed to see the options and improvisations i could have done. Now, after all that experience (fight club, larping, Arnis/Kali, combat sim etc.) and history research it is not so confusing and I feel freer to improvise.

6 seconds per "round" has a lot of context and knowing that goes a long way in helping combat narration and adjudication of actions. I'm pretty confident we will have a fun game, regardless of tweaks. The Assumptions of the Rules are meant to be broken by experimentation and solid analysis. Historical Accuracy, some basic knowledge of statistic and details really give that internal legitimacy to go with my gut more and where my intuition leads me.

I also realized one can survive without Cure-light wounds and there are really more options than the rules allude too if you add physics and geometry to the mix. I may not know be able to defeat a dragon at level 1, but i know how to used diplomacy, tactics and logistics to make the most out of my stats.

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