Saturday, June 5, 2010

Living with One Self: Introspection and Education from RPGs

I've bought myself some introduction to Criminology as part of my Emotional Intelligence studies and I find it interesting how it compliments my understanding of Economics.

What intrigues me is how crushing poverty or growing up in inhumane conditions create Sociopaths or what is socially regarded as callous or cruel people.

From game theory and behavior, It is not just grow up in a bad environment or being predisposed to deviance makes people "bad" but growing up with a set of Incentives that actually reward behavior that becomes unsustainable.

Deceptive Pandering and Manipulative behavior is a natural strategy that quickly gets rewarded. Children can easily develop that "face" of having to keep one set of behavior when another set is frowned upon and discouraged instead of the incentives realigned to encouraged core virtues.

Like the Corporations that Get Too big to fail, a person can get by with deception skills at the expense of any practical skill eventually being too big to fail or own up to their deficiencies.

Destructive Behavior can come out even with the best intentions.

Studies about how gray life really is and how the painful details make decisions much harder is a mark of courage to own up to the Truth and make decisions with full and unbiased knowledge.

Knowing real suffering kinda makes me averse to oversimplified morality, or morality blind to ethics.

Role-playing Games feed my virtues, because these very problems are what make up my set of template circumstances to throw at players. Hard choices are only hard when you know what your trade offs are and we learn that we really can't say what we really value.

The very essence of a hard decision, is when our own internal inconsistencies come up: in concepts we take for-granted day to day, the quality of life.

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