Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Is this getting around?

Is this just me or chrome or am I finding more of these malware common.

Maybe I should be worried, given the increase readership and connectivity of gamer blogs some criminals might take advantage of this and inflict these blogs with malware for their own devices.

I've been looking for more information about this, when and how will this threat be removed? I'm worried for these blogs as I am worried also of my own skin, if this happens to me how do I fix it?

Will a change of template or design be enough? Will the people that insert these malware keep hounding a blog once they have it in their sights or will google find a way to prevent that?


Dyson Logos said...

From what I read, it's a link to one specific blog that triggers it. Once that link is gone, the malware warnings are gone too.

Can't find the forum where I read what blog it was, however.

justin aquino said...

Thanks, I was worried there. I'm sorry for Troll and Flame, I hope they get over that problem.

Dan Eastwood said...

I had the same problem - also on Troll and Flame - but there was no mechanism to contact the owner and let him know.

If it is just a link then removing it should be easy. However, once someone hacks your blog it would be easy enough to insert something much more malicious. Even so, removing all widgets and reseting the template should remove anything that shouldn't be there.

The bigger problem is that if someone hacks your password and changes it, getting your account back may be difficult.