Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mutant Future Characters Named Updated.doc - Powered by Google Docs

Mutant Future Characters Named Updated.doc - Powered by Google Docs

Spiel Meister had us roll for levels and equipment. The characters have been modified to include what we got randomly. A lot of basic stuff, like metal pots, and other gear is not in the Core Rules so I had to make it up.

These characters can only travel in plains and where there is accessible water, where their ponies can easily forage. In a 4 hours they can sustainable travel 24km or 15miles if there is an equal amount of time for the mounts to forage.

Without any carts, wagons or wheels they do not need "roads" and can do with pathways and trails.

If there were stats for Molasses*, would help the ponies eat the tougher and rougher grasses they tend to shun, if there is little choice on the matter. Characters with sickles or axes can bring down tree leaves if forage grasses and shrubs are not to their liking. Feeding them around 16lbs each, all 19 ponies would need 334lbs of poor quality feed.

*I've read conflicting remarks on the use of sweeteners for horses. In Baguio, the Philippine mountain province, molasses is part of the feed of ponies while in some searches sugar cubes are not good for them.

The characters have consumed a lot of their weapon shots. I'll have to wait on the Mutant Lord's treasure summary, need to change to better equipment. I'm suffering some cognitive dissonance because real world stats are conflicting with game stats in my head. When I finish my post about using Survival handbooks and the Small Wars Manual for games, will illustrate what I mean.

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