Thursday, December 30, 2010

Some more Useful Biometrics, GURPS Increased Consumption Disadvantage

Looking at these numbers I think of GURPS increased consumption disadvantage at B136. since GURPs 3 meals defaults at the 2000cal. Note that there is an optional rule for 50% increases where disadvantages or advantages cost half as much, in this case -5pts instead.

- lv0.5 3,000 calories
Lv1 4,000 calories (6 meals a day; x2 meals)
- Lv1.5 6,000 calories
Lv2 8,000 calories (12 meals a day; x4 meals)
- Lvl2.5 12,000 calories
Lv3 16,000 calories (24 meals a day, x8 meals)
- Lvl3.5 24,000 calories
Lv4 32,000 calories (48 meals a day, x16 meals)

at -10 per level this goes a long way in making character's strength and fitness cheaper.

This is on the assumption that Meals are equal to a Basic calorie Need. Since the gurps template is human, animals are differences from human horses should have 3-4 levels of Increased consumption.
  • 15,000 calories default per 1,000lbs for minimally active horses. (lvl2 Increased Consumption)
  • An Active, but not strenuously active horse, needs 25,000 calories per 1,000lbs (of horse). (Level 2.5 increased consumption. )
  • Strenuous activity, like a competition horse or a warhorse, is 33,000 calories per 1,000lbs. Lv4 Increased Consumption Disad Trait for a Light War Horse of 1,000lbs.
Mariusz Pudzianowski
BMI 41 @313lbs and 6'1"
173lbs heavier than his BMI18.5
consumes 8000 calories a day (allegedly in Flex magazine)

Manny Pacquiao
BMI 24 @151lbs and 5'6"
36lbs heavier than his BMI18.3
consumes 7000 calories a day (with the 151lb target in mind).

off tangent - learning more about nutrition from twitching frogs legs. An interesting source to learn about muscles is that experiment that allows one to make dead frogs legs twitch. The youtube video has a great link that has a bunch of CG of how the chemical works. Understanding the biochemistry in its most basic sense (because i suck at chem) made me appreciate why muscles consume so much calories passively. Storing the chemical energy for future actions, means a lot of nutrients being moved from the digestive system to the muscles. Its pretty amazing seeing the salt releases this energy causing the legs to twitch.

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