Friday, April 1, 2011

[GURPS High Tech] Resource: PTR products

Precision Target Rifles - A gun-manfucaturer that had a revamp. The happen to have my prefered airsoft gun: the G3. Contrary to Gurps HT stats, its $900 not $1,500. What is also interesting is how a old gun gets new life.

Its April 1, so I guess I can't trust any of the news I hear. There is unverifiable news that PTR is building an MP44 for production. This is a big deal for my WW2 re-enactors airsoft friends and I'm quite interested at the collectors market for such a weapon.

Also gaming related, is about the "rights" to produce these anacronistic designs, the ww2 guns. Governments will always have the resources to make their own gun. Although, a Freetrader in traveller, can bring $2-3M worth of equipment (stamping machines, steel casts and molds, machining tools, etc.) and give a small country an arms production facility. In order not to conflict over copyrights, they may use those made by governments that don't exist anymore and were the holders of the weapon design rights.

So imagine going into a port and seeing a bunch of ww2 german weapons. Slightly modified to take advantage of what was available in the locality.

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spielmeister said...

Well now, visually, this would be awesome. :) Imagine pulling into a type C starport and finding a far trader and crew done up in a serenity-esque manner and then seeing them toting MP40s and the odd STG 44 and FG42. Of course, the captain would have his customized Mauser parabellum eh? Reminds me of Han Solo and his sidearm...