Friday, April 15, 2011

Help Me Focus, a Poll.

Last week I had a bad fever and all I could do was write and read about games. Now that I have a bit more control of my willpower, I realized I started a lot of projects (each one I would love to finish or produce more product) but I can't decide which one should I focus on.

Currently my Game writing projects and their current status:
  • IMTU Military Doctrine. Where I detail military doctrine of the Imperial Military Branches. Clocked in probably 6 hours this week writing and doing equipment load out calculations. Ended up finding a lot of UTerrata that has not been taken care off. I need to provide my own Magazine weights and stats for the Gause of ETK weaponry, better Scout Robots.
  • Primary and Secondary Education for gaming. I did a study about secondary education, as an exercise of my understanding of how study and learning works. So I'm getting a handle on it, as well as understanding more about how and where education can fail. So why not make a character generation system that allows the detailed accounting of the subject matters and skills of a character. I realize this is a throw away choice
  • GURPS Low-Tech World. Inspired by my study about Harnworld, Origins of Civilizations, Ancient Empires before Alexander, all lectures of Kenneth Harl, "From Yao to Mao: 5000 years of Chinese History". I've modified my GURPS Knights and Incomes document and converted into a overview (just started outlining the topics I feel i can cover). I got the idea to reorganize it to a more top-down approach and overview of a medieval world. I have been unable to update and maintain my previous and related work: Low Tech Households revenues and expenses. I got carried away
Thanks in advance for those who can contribute the time to help me focus on a more relevant topic.


Da' Vane said...

If you can't decide which to focus on, then either they aren't grabbing you enough, or more likely, each one is grabbing you too much and you really do want to do them all.

Does it really have to be a choice that working on one means you don't work on the others? You might get more focus if you break the bigger projects down into smaller tasks, and then tackle these smaller tasks in a round-robin format, so that you are working on all three at once.

Although this isn't regarded as efficient, it is excellent for your motivation and your mood, and you may find that you will do more being enthused at working on all three rather than trying to concentrate on one and fighting the urge to stray to the others since this will just tank your willpower and motivation.

justin aquino said...

Thanks Da'vane. My reasons is that, I'm in a Cognitive Dissonant mood. I am both, in-the-like with the two topics. I'd rather write something with a more interested audience, in such a case.

Also, I will be more busy now that I'm better, got out of a bad cold. So I want more bang out of my effort.