Friday, April 22, 2011

My Game Writing blurring with my Work studies

"The adventure should have the least amount of barriers. The wording and material should be designed with a GM work flow that takes account of the amount of time the GM uses to prepare and the use of his time."
I was writing down objectives to some of the material I was creating for my catharsis. One of the things that struck me is how people find realistic-level games difficult to prepare. So I thought about the objectives that would clear this up, based on my experience running historical RPGs. In my learnings at work, I should gun for the highest bang-for-buck in terms of problem solving catharsis.

Currently at work I'm kinda enjoying the "building a consensus" exercise when troubleshooting. Since we are dealing with many different individuals who have different motives and objectives, the process is simple in theory but time consuming in practice. The time consuming part in practice, is easy to adjudicate in a game. Most of the time what goes wrong are things that are mundane yet are barriers deserving of respect, despite how "everyday" it might appear to those who thirst for magic and wonder.

In fact, as I get older, these everyday challenges hold more and more "magic and wonder" for me. Its part of that humanist spirituality (Professor Robert Solomon: the passions, intelligence of emotions). So I'm more inclined, or Biased, to bringing a new perspective to mundane conflicts and the deeper aspect of it rooted in the myriad of human natures.

Progress in Low-Tech World.
My work in Low-Tech World is focused right now in Load Outs. Going to as far as detailing: Combat Load (Carried and Worn), Marching Load, Squad and Squadron Baggage and Support staff. There are some minor problems in terms of rulings. Eventually some of it lead to finding out the GURPS errata e-group subscription has been down since 2007 and that I'm not the only one feeling that there is no one updating the errata on the PDFs (as the ideal).

I'm near finished in reading Qin: The Warring States. Although, even when done, I'll have to leave it to digest. Meanwhile, I'll be working on classic Load-Out stapples: Imperial Roman Legionaire, Republic Roman Loadouts, Alexander's Army load outs, Feoderati Loadouts etc. Load outs that have some or a hint of what they are comprised off.

Right now "balancing" the loadout weight budget of the Roman Horse Archer found in Procopious History of Wars I: The Persian war is having some problems. Its just too heavy, so I've got to fix it.

Other Historical or Low-Fantasy Gamer Blogs?
Where are they, I'm more interested in reading those kinds, I'm not for the DnD stuff unless there are bits of Historical and Economic elements.

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