Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Open RPG update,

Wow, there are a lot of mechanics to cover. I also pegged it down until gunpowder becomes common use in militia.

Character Creation - Random Character creation and Point Buy.
Trappings - Food and Drink, Containers, Clothing, Tools and Equipment, Weapons, Armor and Shields, Animals, and Household. the household covers servants, and will also cover various laborers, specialists and professionals.

Social Mechanics -  These are tools and benchmarks for Gms to adjudicate social interactions and long periods of relationship building. Includes favors and network.
Combat Mechanics - Broken down into Two systems: Narrative and Tactical.
Character Mechanics - Character "physics" like Fatigue, Work, Status Effects, Hazards, recovery, and Character development.
World Mechanics - this deals with technology, economics, and how the world "works".
Entity Mechanics - the creation of organizations, factions, businesses, institutions, governments, etc... the system is guidelines in how to "black-box" these details or remove the opaque nature to get into the gritt. This includes some mass combat mechanics.
Meta Game Mechanics - mechanics that deal with incentives for players to role-play and help the GM.

I'm using the Style found in LibreOffice documents.

I wish I could predict what "fluff book" will I work on next, if or when i finish this? Despite my expertise is in lower tech, I would love to have my first fluff book to be Mahadlika - simply cause it is a setting that NEEDS it more edit: BUT i need to learn mandarin so running Qin the Warring States would give me additional hours practice in my mandarin by exposure to so many chinese words and trying to pronounce them.

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