Thursday, February 21, 2013

Phone PDF Dimensions 2

Wondering what is the best fit for my Note 2 or phone browsing of documents. Planning to go even smaller and provide a Phone Easy to Read set of Notes and Rules. 

edit: relevant Link from Gizmodo of all the Pix a side by side view of the smart phones and their display. 

With my Advancing years I need font size 11. 

Source is from Wikipedia. Studying up my mandarin. 
A6 plus to 2cm of height.


Seth Drebitko said...

I like something at around 3x5 inches 10 PT font, but I haven't played around too much. I'd love to see publishers starting to create mobile friendly documents.

justin aquino said...

I agree, but the cost is prohibitive. For those hobbyist gamer designers like myself, who have a day job, it would be one of many pet projects to get some attention.