Sunday, June 1, 2014

GURPS Demo - Behind the GM's Screen

So on Friday Night EST at around 7pm, I'm running a GURPS Demo. No story, just a bunch of Pregens and submitted characters sheets (give me time to create the character in roll20 so just submit it ahead of time.). There is no story or narrative, - enemies just show up, PCs may try to hit each other to see how much damage they can deal, and random stuff happens. 

The point is that its just a chance to show the rules and play as you learn, instead of reading them from the book. You can submit your character, give me some time to input it and give me an icon for that character. 

Below is the Terrain, No GM secrets - Stats are going to be all visible as I add and and more of them. 

 This is with the dynamic lighting.
 The whole Map,  with dynamic lighting
The Dynamic Lighting cover - just random lines to simulate how visibility can be very limited in jungle or wooded terrain - surprising yourself and others happens lolz.

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