Friday, June 20, 2014

Warring States Map and how I did it with a Note 10.1

The (hypothetical) Huang-Jin Valley for the Warring States game.
Sorry I have to really fudge some details lost in the last 2500 years.

import the map into s note. turn of rotation.

 draw the basics and make notes on how I'm going to do the other features. Brush tool for the rivers at the smallest setting and pencil for the smaller rivers. Wheat goldish for the"farms lands"
 Ouch its getting dizzying with the google map and the drawing.  The dark green preset color for the forests. This is 2500 years ago, and there were WAAAAAAY more forest. Varying pencil thickness for the forests to represent grades of density. Green for hills. 
 This is fine, its not like its my profession to draw maps. The freedom of being a GM is the much lower standard I judged as an artist lolz. 
Some names and places using GIMP. Need to throw this into Roll20 and scale the hexes.

Basically this is between the Wei, Zhao, Qi, and Chu territories. Yan and Han are close enough to meddle. Still accessible by Qin. 

Made 3 LARGE Families the Players will have to gather information about from their Initial "Calibration" on Friday night EST 7pm. Then they travel from where ever they come from to the region. This is low level and the families they deal with is of lower rank, just Vassal families whose loyalty and status is ambigous. Players are survivors of the Jin & Zhi Massacre (either retainers or secondary-tertiary family members).  

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