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GM Seminar at Makati B&B Jan 25 2015

+Marc P. Reyes organized the GM Seminar Jan 2015.  This was held at Makati B&B aka the Gaming Library in International Language Institute in legaspi village.

Pix from Jose Roxas
The speakers were +Marc P. Reyes , mysefl, +Tobie Abad w/ +Rocky Sunico (Tagsessions), and +Jay Steven Anyong.

The other videos will be linked to their respective speaker's blogs or platforms.

+Marc P. Reyes Mastering DnD 5e

My Take of Online Table Top RPGs

+Tobie Abad's The Beautiful Lie

+Jay Steven Anyong 's All the Small Things

That was a very busy week end. 

My presentation was to Try out Online Table Top Roleplaying, and what are the Pros and Cons I've experienced in my couple of years of running them and playing them.

The event was very active, and met a lot of GMs I've never met and some old faces of a particular generation of Gamers. You can call them the younger brothers of many of the first Gamers in the country, on average 10 years younger than the generation of Gamers who first picked up the GM screen. As in the cycle of life, our seniors are all busy with family and work, and we are those who still not to busy because of such. (expecting a great amount of fall out from such causes).

Still the community is energetic and still try to get books even when there are many barriers for them to access such. This group is just the Tip of the iceberg since Metro Manila Logistics makes us Insular and many more such communities exist around the various Friendly Local Gaming Stores that have popped up.

This is a labor of love and you can see from the devotion and resources expended by these Gamers. Some of whom traveled 30+ km or what would be 2 hours drive away. The venue was full and many more wanted to join. So much more that the event created the momentum of pushing for another such event bridging DnD Philippines and trying to accommodate as much of the community as logistically possible. A stellar effort to all those who made it possible, and hope a stronger and closer community can be created despite how difficult it is to meet in the Philippines (the traffic situation is so bad, almost 9/10 people sacrifice 2+ hours per day in commuting)

This Feb 22, Sunday, in Makati B&B there will be another GM Seminar:
(by +Marc P. Reyes)
1. Using Filipino History, Culture and Myth in your RPG GamesThree designers of Filipino themed tabletop RPGs, will discuss how you could insert Filipino folklore, culture and myth into your game world, or how to look up information for these in your game!Discussion Facilitators: BJ Recio, Marc Pozon Reyes, Fabs Fabon
Start time: 12:00nnEnd time: 12:45pm 

2. Duty, Love and HonorHow to run the Legend of the Five Rings RPG to the fullest by using the social dynamics of Rokugan. Don't know what this is? Think you know what this game is about? Prepare to be surprised!Discussion Facilitator: Jay Steven Uy Anyong
Start time: 1:00pmEnd Time: 1:45PM
Intermission/break: 2:00pm-3:00pm 
3. Encounter Design in Fantasy Roleplaying GamesAn edition neutral panel on how to design combat encounters in any flavor of D&D and games similarly constructed.Discussion Facilitator: Lawrence Augustine R. Mingoa
Start Time: 3:00pmEnd Time: 3:45pm 

4. Narrative Control: What it is and how to share itTobie Abad explores the story aspect of tabletop roleplaying games and how the story is narrated by both the players and the GM together.Discussion Facilitator: Tobie Abad
Start Time: 4:00pmEnd Time: 4:45pm 

5. GM Help PanelA panel of GMs, including everyone who talked in the previous GM seminar, will offer their advice on YOUR problems as a GM. Problem players, game balance, player recruitment, rules questions etc, ask and a panel of veteran GMs will try to answer your question!GM Help Panelists: Marc Reyes, Tobie Abad, Justin Aquino,  Laurence Augustine R. Mingoa, BJ Recio, Jay Anyong
Start Time: 5:00pmEnd Time: 6:00pm 
The group is more active in Facebook in "Philippine Tabletop RPGs" Group. A community growing strong thanks to improving economic conditions in the Philippines despite massive barriers to travel, trade and access to books. 

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