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Sins of the Crusades - Season 02, Episode 06 - Betreyal

Thanks +Wilton Heath+Dan Mungham+Thunder Clonch , and +Il Pella for playing.

  • The team was planning an attack, the problems and challenges were plenty
    • the closest target was Nicomedia (Izmit), assailable by sea and land
    • it was a small prize, and vulnerable to Nicea. A wealthier city that can easily send reinforcements. 
    • they had enough ships to move only 5000 troops. That would be 
      • 300 Large boats
      • 15 Merchant ships
    • Some knew of the Sakarya River, able to take them close to Nicea or Nicomedia depending on the weather. By estimations, they were sure it could bring them to Nicea. 
    • The Need for a Sea Port (after they deal with the Genoans)
  • Tertius spent the past two months working on his men and their discipline. 
    • Familiarization on Norman Warfare
    • Gains Teamwork Perk for his men and himself. 
    • Nightfighting Technique (H) 4cp, he negates -3 worth of penalties associated with night time combat and coordination. He's conditioned his men, 500, to fight and operate at night.  
  • Olek sets up a kitchen for the Army, and uses it to cover for his cooking of flammable grease. He constructs a heavy scorpion able to lob the concoction a good 700 yards. 
    • He proceeds to cultivate his own circle of thralls, using old and intuitive techniques of indoctrination (brain washing). He grows and feeds the beast, and these creatures come to know him as their master - enabling their twisted nature. 
    • He instructs Tertius Men, in how to safely handle and use the incendiary grease. 
  • Xeno, Empress Maria, and Cato approach the Genoans
    • They were able to make introductions, and Cato befriends Micheal of the Agostino family who later introduces them to Nikolas, the Patriarch of the family. In exchange for the ships, the Genoans want a way to move their goods without Imperial duties by way of a friendly port to make their way West. Cato arranges something with young Constantine and the Agostine Family. 
    • They learn that the Genoas facilitate some trade for Doux Theodor Garbas, in the black sea. Xeno uses the opportunity to arrange the a way to meet the "imprisoned" general.They hint on an agreement with the Doux is possible, especially if they can acquire his son. 
  • Xeno, Tertius, and Theodore.
    • Xeno continues his investigation on who betrayed them and caused his capture. He learns of Theodores role and that of Nikophero Milesenos. That Milisenos was making deals with the Turks, was something the Emperor knew well but who tipped off Tzarchas to take Symryna was something else. Something the emperor was not aware of, to lose such a valuable port and so many ship builders. The Taronites is a new suspect, as the Bureaucrats they possess the means to leak the attack and some influence over the emperors own Intelligence agents. 
  • In the last days Cato is trying to read bohemon and see where he is in circle of trust. Given how important the next days will be he is high in his lords esteem more so when he spends the time to reassure his Lord (managing expectations). 
  • Rumors circulate of the streets becoming less safe and more of the homeless disappearing. Even criminals take care to do their business in the streets when words of how so many have disappeared lately. 
  • In the night they leave Olek's agents poisons one of the guest palaces and takes Gregory Garbas with them. 
  • When the army finally mobilizes, it was unexpected and by the time word arrives to the emperor, the city is in confusion. The army makes it way quickly to Nicomedia, aided by Genoans and Garbas ships. They arrive in the Seljuq city and quickly move their ships to the walls and begin scaling them. Such an unexpected attack took the city by surprise and many of the defenders were slaughtered inside the walls. 
    • They sacked the city, and moved quickly to gather the nobles. The city's Amir was not inclined to surrender. Cato' was very convincing, and Olek's fire caused confusion and betrayal. By the Dawn the city was taken, and Bohemmond has left Constantinople with his land force.  
  • Everyone got the usual rewards 2cp for themselves, and 3cp for others. 
  • Hiatus till March 13/14 2015 because of a ton of Social Obligations and Prep for a War Campaign. Which means making armies, re-familiarizing with Mass Combat Rules, and Digging up the Seljuq Generals and the Intrigues they had. 
where Nicomedia (Izmit) was relative to Constantinople (Istanbul)
where Nicomedia (Izmit) and Nicea (beside the Lake) 

 Where Nicea was compared to Doryleaum (Eskisiher)

Where Doryleaum was compared to Ankara and Konya

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