Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Gaming to Learn Life Skills and a Greater Sense of Agency

You will notice Game in the Brain crazy about using games to learn and create a greater locus of control or sense of agency in life. If you know how I GM, which is publicly viewable for all its flaws to see I focus on EQ and Life Skill Challenges. So it should come as no surprise I change my "Just Happy to Game" subtitle to the title to you see:

Gaming to Learn Life Skills and Greater Sense of Agency (or Locus of Control).

I'm in the unique position that allows me to study using Gaming, and using skills hard won in gaming to do Work. I also tend to talk about key biz and life skills and principles that I have researched in the game.

A bit about myself:

Currently I've been given access to Lectures (from TGC) which I am to digest and create material for our company into policies and training. I work as a "Director" primarily focused on Fixing Problems as well as smoothing out relationships.

I think myself as Jarred Dun - the lowest tier of nerd and often the most annoying because of our voice of logistics and elaborating challenges. The array of skills I possess  are libreoffice, knowledge of these soft skills, and technically amateur if one considers the 1st world biz world (at the level that I can at least flash a rom).

As Games and Writing about Games in this blog empowered me more and more in work, it has come to a Tipping Point where It has become one thing and a lifestyle. I've "bought" the domain and pretty much working to fix it up to focus on the Mission and Vision.

I do have my own Game Systems which I plan to be free with goals that allow me to pay others (since I like working in my job) to help me pretty it up and make it easier to use and more bells and whistles.

Tools I want to Built into my Gaming:
These are things that I want to build into the Game systems and GMing tools and tricks in Game in the Brain. A ton of life skills,

  • Success Zones
  • Diagnostic Thinking Map
  • Meta-cognitive Planning 
  • 6 Hats
  • Yes and
  • IDEO's Defer Judgement, Quantity, Associative Thinking (connection making), Novelty 
  • SCAMPER and various Random Association and Option generation techniques 
  • Torrence Test of Creative Thinking
  • Bloom's Taxonomy of mental processes. 
  • Writing Challenges uses Random Element Association
  • Multiple Equivalent Simultaneous Offers
  • Targets Topics Trade-offs and Targets within Trade-offs
  • How Diagramming
  • Competency Modeling 
  • Rule of 3 and 10 
  • Social Intelligence Challenges
  • Emotional Intelligence Challenges 
  • Leadership - from the discipline to the humanistic virtue. 
  • Various Communication and Influence skills.
  • Various heuristics and how to use models and such tools.  

I know its Buzz Kill for so many out there, but this is what I like and being called weird and strange for such - to be more niche for a hobby that is already niche is not so good.

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