Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Spiel Draft for the what I hope to be a Patreon Type Endevour.

Background. I've had about around 10 years to prepare my First Crusades. Ive been planning and working on it since 2002, in my older blog, when around that time I've wondered and tried to escalate to armies but found it constantly frustrating I had no real source to study.

I've worked on it for a long time, strangely starting with Economics and Demographics, and around 2008 I got my hands on The Small Wars Manual, the Strategikon, and learned to look at my sources with new light. Economics was my first forensic tool, and after more than a dozen history lectures from the The Great Courses (before the Teaching Company) I at least have a working model that carries into many cultures and eras.

Disclaimer: this is a draft, setting goals or a draft of goals is essential to know if the goals are workable and or the goals can lead to something possible. 

Spiel Draft 1.

What it is like to Adventure in History? Can I ever learn from the great figures in history in how they shaped empires and made life hell or a much better world for so many people? Where does the science of People fit in history?

If your a history lover then the world of the past is as strange, fantastic, and different from our own world to match that of any Fantasy. That we have stirring questions about the human condition that needs answering, and can only be answered by our empathy and passionate curiosity. The role-playing game has evolved to become a powerful tool of exploring the past, people, and our own understanding. I propose an Open Game System that models People (Character Creation and World Engine), and Conflict (Combat, Warfare and Politics) that works on the base line of the real world and can be easily adapted to any condition, era, and assumption.

This system follows the Narrative Design School of RPGs, as it is the lightest system one can achieve to make room for all the other skills one needs to develop when running such a game: Public Speaking, Creative Thinking (Includes improvisation), Problem Solving, Social Skills, and, Preparation and Planning.*

The OGS seeks to give a system with the assumptions and the science built in, while using modern Organizational, Management, and Social Skills that help break down complexity, make it into a challenging, educational, and entertaining set of tasks, and teach us how to apply sophisticated life skills in our hobby for practice, mastery, and sharing.


  1. Open Warfare System that can be played over any other Game System. This is freely available
    1. funding is for improving on the Appearance and Aesthetic.
    2. as well as creating more Visualization Tools. 
    3. Android Apps that will aid in preparation.
    4. I will personally pre-fund each goal to guarantee quality on delivery, hoping to recover the cost from the funding. Anything over the goals go to the next project.
  2. Open RPG System
    1. same as warfare system. while the core system is freely available the art, visual, and electronic tools will be part of funding. 
    2. Many of the tools are System Agnostic focusing on social elements around the character. 
  3. A Gamer Skill Map of all the techniques and skills that may help enhance the game experience.
    1. Apps that help in Various Soft Skill Exercises and Personal productivity hacks.  
* Strategists and Planners will find their time better spent on crafting the world in to usable material instead of working with the system. Thinking in terms of Economics, Environment, and Social Landscapes.
Social focused GM can hopefully just regenerate content and use Creative Thinking skills to create intricate webs in a short amount of time.

Life Skills tends to be the focus of the OGS, that the material comes with various life skills  in how to handle it and make it work for the Gamer, it also asks that the Gamer seek other sources of information - to broaden his world and see more of life like a gamer: challenges they can take on with planning and guile.

As an Open Game System, it is Open to the Life and the Experience of everyone out there. That it will grow and allow personal virtues and strength to have a means to be applied more readily to the real world.

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