Friday, August 21, 2015

Transformational Leadership as part of my Game

there is enough data about Transformational Leadership that I can possible run it as a Game Aspect. This means a Player who chooses a TLeadership strategy can amass a lot of highly  skilled lieutenants like Jack Welch, Justinian, Alexios, Napoleon, and other TLeaders of history and contemporary world.

In Sins of the Crusade I'm already exploring it and have presented a number of Challenges in this manner. These would be called "Social Intelligence" Challenges and "Creative Problem Solving" Landscapes as defined in Complexity Theory and Creative Thinking Discipline. As with the Blogs "Mission and Visions" (lolz) I've been working on applying what I learned immediately to the game.

One inspiration I have is the Clausewitz Engine used in EU and CK games. Particularly the simple strategy of carving out a Map by its strategic quadrants, strong points, and Power structures. particularly following the various strategies and play-through since I have no time to play CK2. I was imagining my African Modern Game, which was initially set in Nigeria (biggest country in Africa by Economy and Population) but then I learned about the history of the Democratic Republic of the Congo - the Part of Africa no GM in his right mind would like to Explore and touch. 

After watching this and seeing and reading the Personality Profile of the "Leaders" of the Congo, they tend to fall into a very interesting and measurable Profile. So interesting that a lot of my TLeadership studies kicked in and my experience actually living in a 3rd world Lolz. 

One thing I love showing to an audience is the Cognitive Dissonance we work with when we live where we live. That if we meditate on it, it can be as bad or worse than the Congo in its own way but we intentionally gloss over certain things just because it would be too hard to live thinking of such. Its not a terrible thing to do, but thats what we do to live. 

Now with that Horror Type aspect having over my narrative being set in the CONGO, and the Day and Age we live in - it would be pretty interesting to run such a Game where Modern Day Adventurers go into the Congo with their Connections, leads, stakes, and try to Carve out their place. In a way we are in a future that is poorly distributed and that there is technology and complexity worth exploring and playing through. 

I plan to do is allow a Players to explore the many strategies of Transformational Leaders. There are many as there is no single leaderships strategy and style, of course there are the most popular ones but you have to work with what you have. 

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