Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Base Rates in TTRPGs, using Social Media to gather information and create better tools.

Base Rates are RARE  and can be useful to overcome Planning Fallacy and Overconfidence Bias. So why not use the Communities as a way to contribute base rates via crowd sourcing?

You're just volunteering opinions and it doesn't need to be so scientific, but it helps create a picture. Particularly if the questions is making leaner and better Gaming Tools and Prep. It also creates a platform to build on to make better questions and tools to measure the best sort of gaming.

Tried to do it in Philippine TRPG community and its its a ghost town compared to the Facebook Group. Other than the dissenter who doesn't like the Measuring it was near complete indifference and participation from people who do not know me personally (so only my friends answered; which becomes a reinforcing bias).

Although this assumes the GM uses these tools and has such philosophies that makes use of base rates. I know - Who uses base rates? Like when asked do you thiink people will help this person in need, the base rate of Volunteers Dilemma and Bystander Effect has base rates that make people question their initiative to  help those in need.

Medium  of Discussion.
Also a Reddit type format where Comments can branch off to talk about some aspect of a category would be best IMO. Branch off from the main poll (using Gforms) and discussion and create a sub poll and discussion. Then aggregate all the information or someone makes their opinion of the aggregation to the critique of his peers.

What to Ask?

  • Barriers/Challenges to Gaming
  • GM Burn out Rates
  • Barriers/Challenges for Player to GM conversion
  • Barriers/Challenges for getting people to learn to Game
  • Problems by Frequencies and Complexity
  • Blue Ocean Thinking of Tools and Material
    • Material Creation
  • GM weaknesses, creating tools that assess GM's chief challenges
    • Create a Set of Questions that Ask a GM to help them make a personal and private assessment of their skill and abilities and direct them to material that will help them. 
  • Example: Social Interaction Heavy Play vs Combat 
    • Key questions and framing that help someone get into Social vs Combat
    • Key questions for Problem Solving vs Social vs Combat vs etc... 
  • Key Exercises to do a particular Technique. 

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