Saturday, March 19, 2016

Updated the Game Mastering Technique Gdoc List

The Game Mastering Technique gdoc list is an Open List of Techniques drawing mostly from Storytelling, Rationality, and Productivity studies and strategies.

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The Success of a Game cannot really be influenced by the stupendous mastery of the GM, but choosing players with the right motivation, engagement, and play style will have a GREATER weight on the enjoyment of the Game. Still Good players means the Ability to have higher levels of mastery Manifest in great feats of storytelling (worthy of being recorded and captured).

I'll try to update it Monthly. Adding Biases and the Counter Strategies for these Biases or Adding more and more Counter Strategies, or Having a Technique that can be easily implemented by having heuristic means of measuring and tracking its effect as well as exit strategies or abort strategies.

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