Saturday, April 18, 2020

Limited Modifiers - it can be anything, just prioritize

In a TRPG you can make a character's success hinge on arbitrary things - see "For want of a nail" what's important is you Prioritize and Limit the negotiations on what MATTERS for a given roll.

If the story calls for it, the roll hinges on the Character's appearance, the color of their shirt, the alignment of the stars, etc... the exact wording and pronunciation of an incantation, etc... what matters is really the agreement and moving the story along.

In a TRPG we have PERFECT information -the reality and the Unknowns the players agree to is the fact of the world.

I love how it follows the socratic method where you ask the question and the answer reveals itself. We can ask "What matters in this roll?" "What is the biggest problem this character has for this challenge?" and in a couple of seconds we can decide - we don't need to reference a ton of rules. We reference a ton of rules to be more consistent but consistency is not the end goal.

200410 GITB Combat System Only

LImited Modifiers

A key concept of this Game system is limiting Modifiers. In Difficulty Rolls there are 3 : Relevant Stat + Proficiency Bonus + Conditions. 

Difficulty Modifiers

Difficulty Modifiers follow the same Limited Modifiers concept. The two main Modifiers are Odds + Scope.
Limiting the Modifiers is limiting the Factors at play and making the game efficient. You’re free to intensify the value of any factor what is crucial is Prioritizing and limiting the time spent negotiating these Factors. 

Odds Modifier

Odds determine the Resource or Numbers  Superiority that effects the Difficulty. If the Character has more resources 
The Players ask - What are the most relevant and important odds that affects majority of this Difficulty.   

Scope Modifier

Some things are More or Less Difficulty by the SCOPE. Trying specific Hit Location is harder because one is narrowing the available targets instead of having a Larger (and easier) target. 
Trying to make an Effect apply to More targets also affects the scope. 

Range and Speed of the moving Target all affect Scope. 

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