Monday, April 20, 2020

Test Characters, How I made my Load Out gsheet, and World Building fun.

Creating the Test Characters made me realize the following.

  1. Gdocs having Columns eats up a ton of ram. I noticed ever since I started using columns to compress my format for the Statement sized booklet got the computer so slow (even if its the Only Tab open) that I could type an entire sentence and only see it after 4-5 seconds. 
    1. Broke up the Chapters into Different Gdocs. It runs much smoother BUT if you see the Test Character docs the responses are getting worse in this rather small doc. 
  2. Stat Block Layout.  I need to change and adapt it. 
    1. its a Damage Threshold System. We note damage against thresholds. The way we note matters this means Temporary hitpoints are confusing - its easier if I keep to modifying the Threshold. Like what would give Temp Hitpoints increase the Strength stat for calculating Wound Thresholds. 
  3. I have to clear up my combat Assumptions (put it in basic concepts) since the Attack Roll is based on a Clean Hit. 
    1. Ranged Attacks have a Defense, Dex (and Not Str) + Prof Mod (which is increased with Shields) is Ranged Attack Difficulty. How does Range attack change combat with a Lower Defense and easier to Make? 
    2. Wording of Ranged and Melee attack. Like Ranged attack is Dex if its a Missile Weapon, if its a throwing weapon it can use Strength to Hit. 
    3. Defense Margin. the margin of failure that doesn't result in getting Attackd (Costly Failure). 
  4. I had to define what Armor Proficiency Does (it makes me calculate Worn Armor at 2/3 or 1/2 Weight.)
  5. I have to edit the text to fix a tendency to mix up Skills and Proficiencies. Secondary Skills and proficiencies and Primary Skills and Proficiencies. 
  6. Profession and Specialization need some notation of what is Basic, and which is Optional and can be gotten as the Character Level Ups (follows D&D levels, level 5 to get a boost in Proficiency bonus). 
  7. Skirmisher Abilities overlap with Goblins. I have to make some abilities optional so goblin characters can get other Abilities instead (since free disengage and move is already a goblin ability). 
  8. I should make Elves Int focused, allowing them to Use Int for Perception. 
  9. Having Scythes, Thresher, and other Improvised weapons for the Auxiliaries (Auxiliaries have Improvised weapon damage die upgrade). 
  10. Damage Advantage and Disadvantage. 
  11. I should start detailing the weapons and their effects. Like
    1. Warhammers - ? what mechanics can make. What are the assumptions and trade offs of using a Warhammer? 
    2. That all clubs and great clubs default as having iron shedding. 
    3. Crossbows. detail it. Heavier should be harder to draw. researching Tod's Workshop  for historical. Light is a hunting crossbow, Heavy maybe just a different of Bow and span and a little bit bigger. 
    4. Maybe also note that Marksmen (Crossbow specialists) are really meant for sieges. 

Other things to Do.

  1. Add the Equipment (using Grouping Rows) from the SRD-OGL_V5.1.pdf  in the "Load-Out" checkbox generator (200413 Weapons and Armor). I wish made such a thing a long time ago instead of typing and calculating all the Equipment by hand. 
  2. How this Sheet works:

  1. Put all relevant equipment in a Column. Organize them so you can group them later and "hide" or compress the group. Put the relevant other attributes in the next column like Cost and Weight. I put the property in the name (like armor Value because I have a Hit Location Table). 
  2. All Loadouts are their own Columns (Name, Weight, and Cost). Now I used If statement to Copy the Item from the Source Columns if the Checkbox is checked. 
  3. I use Sumif to referencing the checkbox to Sum the Wt and Cost. 
  4. I used Jointext with a delimiter of commas to join the Names. 

Some Fun Worldbuilding

Welfare Elves. In this improvised Setting, elves that are in the outskirts are given basic essentials from the Cities. With magic being practical - it is easier to create a ton of food and basics than cast a fireball, as well as more rewarding these elves are given basics and made to live closer to the other races. An elven village of 100 households can produce 1000x that of a human village (the productivity of what used to be 90% of the population is now only less than 2% and still producing more food than the Entire Population can consume).

What makes Elves interesting for me is the concept of hundreds of year lifespan with a Human Brain. Been getting into Science of Mindfulness thanks to the Late Ronald Siegel's Great Courses lecture and the Neuroscience he discusses teaches me about how memory work, as well since I'm a daily Anki User every day I have first-hand experience of memory degeneration measured.

What if you had lifetimes you've forgotten? So in Expanse (Sci Fi Setting) and various iterations of Basic Welfare its been widely accepted it is not enough to have basic. Maslows hierarchy of needs and how time can pass if everything is the same (how attention works Covered in the Science of Mindfulness) can basically create a Situation of Elves being "Forgotten" and forgetting everything.

Current events remind me of the need to connect to people and care and perform actions to care for others so that community and empathy is reinforced but it seems its we run into Diminishing Returns and Scarcity to do the charitable and compassionate thing. If I had an elven lifespan I will never find the time. To find the time is to take a risk.

It is also an Allegory of developed world surplus viewed by poorer countries and their misunderstanding of being provided the basic necessities. The idea is not to just provide but to give people the resource to be able to be made to care about others. Providing only so that "these people won't bother me anymore" is what most think of why provide basic.

Loving the OGL 

if there were no OGL I could not share this. I wish I can do this for Dungeon Fantasy but its not shareable. but with OGL I can share this. Basically, I'm making a Combat only OGL, in the theme of TFT. Constructively channeling my hangups and just having fun.

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