Saturday, April 11, 2020

So Size 8 Arial is "Readable"

Tried to print out a Statement Sized Gdoc with my default Arial 11. With Lorem ipsum to check how it looks and various font sizes. This is set to be 0.5" but it seems to be still shrunk. I just eyeballed it to which was closer. My near-sight has been getting worse.
  1. Gdoc and my printer problems. I can't seem to Print out Gdoc statement properly with my 5275 HP printer. I need to use Word to print it out close to its actual size. 
    1. This gave me a problem, ideally what ever I use should be print-friendly. I don't know how to make sure it prints well without trial and error during the Enhanced Community Quarantine where I cannot get my hand on more paper and ink.  
    2. I have a cautious relationship with WORD. I prefer using Writer (Libreoffice) but that means calibrating my settings to writer which I haven't done in a while. 
  2. What is readable small print? The Fantasy Trip is equal to Size 8 Arial font, roughly 2mm. I don't know the TFT font or size but I just wanted to check what is a readable size of font.
    1. Font was relative in size to each other. Size 8 seems to be 2mm, the next size is less than 2.5mm, and it seems to be 2.5 in Size 10, and about size 3mm at size 12. 
    2. I wanted to do some Quick Game Systems during the Enhanced Community Quarantine (whats its legally called here in the Philippines; lockdown up to April 30, extended last week April 6)
  3. No option to save as a template. Had to Create a 200410 GITB Statement Template, in the free Google account, there is no option to save Templates. 
    1. Made the normal font Size 8 Arial. 
    2. Removed the extra space above and below the paragraphs. 
    3. Moved my docs little by little to my Game in the Brain suites. 
  4. Gaming Ideas Log in Game in the Brain

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