Thursday, August 20, 2020

MgT2E Problems with Equipment


what i like doing with my spare time. 

  1. Armor Piercing and Armor Piercing Discard Sabot Rounds were not Factored in how battle strategies and practices change as we ramp up equipment and resources allocated. 
    1. you dont want PCs or NPCs caught off guard of the existence of AP and APDS rounds. There should be some mitigation and compensation strategies for these. These rounds start raising the problem of Cover and effective Cover against AP rounds. 
  2. Boarding shields only work if people are using Habitat Safe Rounds. You need to create a Trait Habitat Safe Sounds. If a Boarding shield is habitat safe why not use a Riot Shield? 
    1. But once you allow for advance Melee weapons - like Weaponized Arc Welders -knives that allow deadly force that does not compromise the habitation. 
    2. Start evaluated Ship Boarding and 
  3. Extensive Culture and Lives around Vacc Suits and their Maintenance. The more I think of TL9 the more I realize:
    1. Radiation will push towards Mechanical Controls. fingers and hands will be more mechanical with very particular designs and workaround strategies when they start to fail. 
    2. Hard Suits to deal with vacuum make suit operation like a vehicle. Its easier to deal wth a hardsuit than the complex fabrication supply chain of having a Counter-Pressure or Compression Suit. 
    3. Freshers are Vacc Suit cleaning. Lets get it out of the way: Vacc Suites are disgusting inside - to prevent immunocompromised users it goes through rigorous sanitation and maintenance. Mature Supply Chain and Manufacturing around the Hard Suits would pretty much make it the equivalent of Owning a Car: 2,000usd to 20,000usd suit with diminishing returns and creature comfort once you hit 10k and up. But you still get where your going in the 2k model or an "Old Junker" bought at 200-500usd. 
    4. Probiotic Creams and Cultures used on Suits.   would living in a spacesuit lead to probiotic creams to prevent infections and to deal with human derma wastes? If a 30-40kg suit generates a lot of waste heat and sweat (and epithelial waste) would the effort to generate the inertia and motion lead to a lot of mess? Assuming EVA extensive lifestyles as construction booms. What would that look like? What would a probiotic skin cream or bio-culture do to make a suit more habitable in extended periods of time?
      I realize the cleaning and sanitation of suits would be resource-intensive but probiotics - assuming a culture works in space which feeds off the human waste and does what probiotics do: out populate harmful bacteria would be one of those side treks where it's used for a relatively short while before being discarded as supply chain and infra improve.  I can imagine it works for some people and others need high maintenance sanitation. Like how medicine tends to be really effective to some and indistinguishable effects with others.
  4. Damage Scaling has problems in MgT2E and melee weapons violate many HEMA busted myths or misconceptions about melee weapons. 
    1. if I used GURPS square cube of Joules of Damage then Note "Mechanical" effect of cutting/slashing etc... Melee weapons would be 1d2, 1d3, up to 2d6 (we can have Xd3 and Xd2 damage to keep it a D6 but differentiate weapons) while Firearms can easily 2d6 to 11d6 (browning 0.5 cal or 13mmx99mm at 18,000J)
    2. If I have these Energy Baselines and Establish Armor baseline from this Its possible to make consistent damage scaling. 
  5. Vacc Suites with Electronic Suit needs a Powered Duration. That Climate Control should be one of the details mentioned but handwaved. Of couse once its power is Off this becomes too hot to wear in an Earth-like climate. 
    1. Missing Details I'd gladly fill are TL8 and TL9 Vacc Suits based on Delta-V and SevenEves.
  6. TL after 10 becomes Grades where something improves in performance. TLs in GURPS tries to reflect major leaps and allows for many gradients between TLs.  I plan to run TL9 so TL9 grades of equipment is something I want to fix. World building and detailing Equipment and Tech. 
  7. Handwaving Grav Plates but not dealing with "turning them on or off" in Cargo bay. and Even if you turn them on or off Tons of Inertia can Crush a person (first episode of Expanse the TV series). 
  8. Delta-V budget for Thrusters. 

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