Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Traveller SRD to Philippines 2021

 the equivalent of - livelihoods that are not "Careers" if I convert Traveller SRD character Gen to Modern 2021 Philippines. Note in Traveller "Livelihood Time" is 4 year increments. So if you are not "regular" in 4 years that means your probably been contractual. The pay and the privileges of regularization is so tangible as to allow me to make a mechanic for it. Can't imagine Irregular not being a "Matter" because of Retirement pay.

The thing about converting Traveller SRD to Modern Day's Character creation raises a lot of very interesting dilemmas in how do I model it for a game system. Especially since I will run it in the Philippines.

Modeling the beggars and "Indigents" would be losing such agency as to need Mental Health and Social Welfare services (Which the country really has very little of if any).

Just trying to Model 2021 in Traveller SRD is Whoah - Overwhelming.

Its in Bob's game did I start having to play a "Drifter: Scavenger" and my own notes made me think a lot about Migrant Filipino Labor (Most affected by Pandemic; while considered "Essential Workers" they are basically hurled at the pandemic). Even the 1k credits instead of Working Passage given to the Drifters is considered a LUXURY when I read the cost of living and make the economic analysis.

this is testing my HR knowledge lolz

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