Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Damoren - a review of campaigns i've run and previous reflections.

 I've fun modern "kitchen sink" settings where it has magical elements. And Damoren reminds me of this and like any GM who has run this and prepared for this - we go where our desires take us. Typically if the GM loves history, science, tech, military the GM goes there. 

I love Seth Skorskowsky's Traveller Videos and I thought it didnt hurt to try his books given that the reviews. I've not picked up Dresden Files since forever and the controversy regarding Jim Butcher gave me pause. 

  1. Secret Society Tropes. As a GM, Management, and Science lover Secret Societies and Conspiracies are something we have a special relationship with. One we realize its so easy to unravel one - if you follow the flaws of the conspiracies - you find out that as a GM these are true because once you introduce Players - an unpredictable factor - it thoroughly tests the Conspiracy Systems integrity and it easily breaks it. 

    The same flaws of that collapse a Conspiracy make Parties or Groups Vulnerable to Social Engineering and Internal Collapse. 

    Whichs not a problem for me in suspending my disbelief. I just teat it as a Setting. 

    Got reminded of Demon Haunted World by Carl Sagan which teaches the skepticism we use to break down problems and biases into actionable components. 

  2.  World Building. I like the Modern Fantasy World Building and I like the world building Seth does in Damoren.
    I like making rules and mechanics that all things comply in. Reminding moe of Shadiversity's rant on Mandalorian's use of Trackers and Reloading. 
    I ran my own Modern Fantasy and its very Fun applying so much real world knowledge and history to rebuild a world. When I see the world-building I appreciate it because I've tried it and I can see how hard and how organized or a genius you have to be to do it.
    World building affects so much: from the Setting to the Combat and the Tactics. I can't emphasize enough how much this apply so much System thinking to be able to Zoom out and in and knowing when to do so. 

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