Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Wealth is Easy, Intermediate is Status: it they still made GURPS Source books

 being a Power-gamer before I'm still hardwired to look for Optimals. As a GM the rules on wealth in GURPS applied intelligently its one of the easy "controls" to master. 

The harder one is social Status and thus not so well understand - you'd have to read Social Engineering and more GURPS books to tease out examples of its use. You'd also have to be more aware of Privilege - and in the FAST CHANGING developing world - STATUS is very very tangible. 

Imagine if 3rd worlders wrote GURPS splat books about their Country: Thailand, Vietnam, Nigeria, Kenya, Philippines, India, China, etc... then after reaching each others books agreed on a more improved system over time. 

MODERN DAY splat books of France, Germany, England, Australia, Italy, etc... and more informed details of their Demographics, Human Development Index, Biases, and Privileges would be such a good read.

I'd be in the Line for the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Nigeria and want to run Nigeria as a kitchen sink setting.  I want to simulate and run the early adopter/exploiters who will go into Africa and PCs who will play African characters. (The best exercise of empathy is Roleplaying another Race and people; if I am afraid it will show my biases - how do I process my biases if I'm afraid to discover them?).  

Id catch up in my South America, Africa, and South and SEA. 

I'd like to follow concerns and discussion about how some groups do not agree with the MODEL of bias and Status as a Sihk in India or England, 

I would look for the role of Filipinos as migrant workers in various Locations and the different flavors of their 2nd class status. I would look at the flavors of 2nd class status of Indonesians who are fast becoming our co-migrant workers and look and sound just like us (filipinos) to other people. 

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