Saturday, February 13, 2021

The most common ship in IMTU Hex Rockets.

 The Advantage of HEX modules. This is a 5m Radius Hex Module with 3m Elevation (Vertical). When the Hex Triangles can be reconfigured to carry Hex Containers.

There is a hex Core that holds the modules. The modules are modular and ships can Fill or leave the slots open.

I'm imagining Space X Starship Rocket profile - 6,000 to 30,000dton Scales of these modules. the 6,000 tons (400dtons) are the most common.

The Hexagon is the bestagon that has influenced my design - it's VERY modular - that means HEX rockets can be "SLOTTED" into HEX Carriers which have Drives that are more efficient at larger scales (like Orions).

Hexes can be Converted to RINGS. Broken up and SPUN for long travel. Then Configured to be "Slotted back" onto a section of the ship has to do atmospheric re-entry and cannot afford to park its habitat in orbit.

The funny thing about doing this in FreeCAD is the FEM workbench that allows me to do stress tests if I can consolidate the shape.

This is a 5m Rad, 3m High/Elevation module
beside a 20m high 2.5m Rad hex container

This is a 3,000 dton rocket
Doing studies of how big of a Spin grav,
with just 20m radius. 

Using Space X Starship as a reference,
It would not be too hard to image hex rockets. 

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