Sunday, February 28, 2021

Playing Traveller as a 3rd Worlder

 I wish more 3rd Worlders Like me Played Traveller.  

Eventually, Social Inequality Will make those at the Bottom of society Appreciate what is it like being a 3rd Worlder.

Going to an Imperial backwater in Vilani Space - a Client State with TL6 or TL7 Tech - is basically the story of Going to a Developing or Frontier market equipped with stuff to make you a prince. 

1) You have the Economic Literacy to know the difference of the Cost of Living and Comparative Advantage. 

2) You have a comprehension of the Risks - and thus Come from a Highly Mobile and Transient Culture (One of the things Filipinos and some 3rd Worlders are - they go to more developed markets) 

3) Of course you not only comprehend the risk - you have the risk appetite - or conditions that make your status quo worse than the Risk. 

4) You can take what relationships you have to this Venture - Family, Friends, or other Professionals. 

5) There are Economic Incentives that make this attractive. 

I have a western or developed world education in a 3rd world. having tried living in America - I would be struggling in the US while being comfortable in the Philippines - a 3rd world. 

Although I don't mind going to Vietnam or Thailand if I can get more Cost of Living for my family there. I don't mind going to Africa as well or South America if I got more - in Cost of Living perks and manpower access and power.  

That's the Strangest thing about Playing Traveller and being a 3rd Worlder - it looks so different from where I stand.

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