Sunday, March 7, 2021

Load Outs Rabbit Hole. How games taught me to be good at lists.

I've made a couple of spreadsheets to automate load outs, as well as long series of load-outs, as well as planned my loadout for trips abroad, airsoft, family outing very systematically over time and I know from experience - no one likes to do this, while its necessary for some, its not necessary for most. 

I realize this skill of getting materials all organized and planned is part of PMBOK, manufacturing and construction. As I help prepare the Bill of Materials and Quantities systems - this is all about Load outs. 

Since I'm part of the QA and I do the summary analysis of our Non-Conforming Outputs - many of our issues are "lacking materials" tools, missing parts, furniture, and works. 

Project Management Lists for Dummies, The Checklist Manifesto, etc... come to mind. 

The strange part of language where Schedule means Lists or Table of Data (Schedule of Parts), 表格 biaoge or Form or Table, or Schedule or Template. 买单 buying list means receipt AND menu of options.排队,安排,整理,经理,etc... words to mean Order or Arrange slowly drifting to mean Schedules, Tables, Lists, and grids drifting to mean Manager, Director, Controller, etc... 

It's so weird and I find myself so weird in how these all are interconnected in such a weird way. 

Mentally I visualize it a Bullets and parent and child trees, Pivot Tables (shifting tables of relationships), Arrays, Flow charts, mind maps, and how I need to switch Visualization of how I want to see the data - the categories, relationships, and interconnections.   

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