Thursday, March 11, 2021

Got back to Roll20, this is my Review.

Since 2015, what has changed is that I've had more Work Experience in IT, Project Management, and Quality Management. This is how it affects how I game. 

My Bias is that if I find a skill in either TRPGs, Hobbies, or Work and its Better than all the other ways in any discipline I've encountered I apply that skill in all the disciplines. Of course I modify the skill for the Tolerances of the discipline - hobbies have a HIGHER tolerance for failure vs work, personal finances (like applying my project management skills in managing the vendor who will construct our new home is higher than hobbies but less than work). 
  1. 75x75 is the limit if I can make it 25x25 it would be better. 
    1. Depends on how much Tactical DATA and Context to process of the Players. 
    2. How much players are willing to work with Uncertainty
  2. If I want Larger Scale then I need to increase the meters per hex. 
  3. I have to Translate the Actions and movement into new Scale. 
  4. Its just more simple to scale in 3s, x3, x10, scale. 
  5. Its better to have simple colors than to have "realistic" pictures because I want players to know they are walking into Broken Ground because its not Brown or Color Coded. 
  6. Tactical Language or Language of Constraints. this means color coding, legends or references, being able to communicate highly dense information to Players and thus SHORTEN the prep time. 
  7. This will Translate to my Ship Combat Rules as well. 
  8. The GOAL is to systemize encounters (be it ship, social, combat etc...)
    1. easily replicable
    2. GMs can decide what they will keep and their trade offs. 
    3. GMs can easily streamline their prep
This is again drawn from Airsoft and Milsims experience where I play out many of the scenarios as I understand them and Applying Occams razor to the scenarios. 

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