Sunday, March 28, 2021

Open Gaming - part time is Awesome

 Hypothesis: rejection and preference are about opportunities. 

If the opportunity is monopolized then its rejection. So someone with the right to something and asking permission and being rejected is rejection, only asking one person out is rejection, etc... 

Its one of those Zero-Sum situations that requires a change of framing and to work with that framing. 

but if one is not limited to a License holder, example to use an Open system, to ask out a lot of people, that what we have to offer can adapt and change then its a matter of preference. 

Zero-Sum situations suck. Some people think in this way and forced to pursue a strategy that cannot adapt to changing conditions. 

Preference is interesting - its "Live and let live" its not my thing but I'm grateful I can enjoy my thing without diminishing from someone else's thing. There is no "Market to Consolidate" nothing to Conquer, no single group or person to impress, ... maybe just ourselves. 

But preference means being informed - knowing our OWN reasons to do something and what can happen - contributing to a market with a lot of Variety and option may not benefit oneself as much as trying to Control or Restrict a market - but it empowers buyers and the consumers. 

I'm doing this part-time while I do IT, Project management, and QA work. I can only give any surplus I can give after being a full-time professional at work and dad-husband and that's Ok. Enjoying making it is clearer now only because I've tried living without making this stuff and it sucks. 

Open Gaming License is not being Rejected. Power is not Zero-Sum. So far with all the Cepheus Engine stuff being made I'm appreciating it more. You get to try all these different ways of thinking and everyone's going to learn from each other. That's awesome. 

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