Saturday, March 13, 2021

Dilemma of Theory vs Practice

The dilemma of any Combat or Game System: 

1) THEORY is a very small part of Combat Systems.  Practice and Experience is the most crucial part of any Combat System. That's the first thing that should be explained - because if Combat or Any Adverse Work Condition doesn't need Experience as a theory then MASTERS of theory would be dominant. 

The reason it is always "IT DEPENDS" is because Theory can only help in defining and communicating the experience - but the experience is the most crucial part - it's the FIRST INPUT that triggers the causality that results in mastery. 

2) PRACTICE and Experience. If there was a way to do something good and be great without practice - wouldn't that dominate behavior and decision making? Being good at anything in a way that MATTERS to people is all about practice and experience. 

Clausewitz, Sun Tzu, and Maurice got their asses kicked, they were not the best - the way the BEST in any field don't necessarily come out with books or CAN write books. The brilliance of Theory is in being able to have a framework to Qualify discussion about the field. Being able to communicate all the knowledge they have and thus replicate and BUILD over their knowledge. 

the best do, the not-so-best teach. 

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