Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Updated Scifi Assumptions

1) hard sci-fi combat and problems are typically thinking outside the parameters "box" because someone's already thought of it and it doesn't work. Someone has to always think of a NEW way to do something. (see physicists bill of rights )

2)  space combat is so lethal that diplomacy, intrigue, politics, memetics, tolerance, and insurgency are used to far greater effect (see Axlerods Repeated or Iterated Prisoners Dilemma).

2.1) People who cannot think in more nuance ("probabilistic models" - imagine processes, actions, and outcome as encounter tables; visualize a mind map and set overlay of probabilistic models). 

3) Systems and the rules that govern them break down at certain scales - be it physics, economics, psychology, ecology, (meditations of moloch)  

4) The amount of data we deal with is so great - we can measure our certainty by the number of minutes memory start degrading - we become more reliant on Visualizations of Context Or Narrative Techniques (the two ways most human brains are able to hold high-density information) It also means any any given moment we really dont know what we are doing, we just hope that "the me" that started the action really made the optimum decision.   

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