Saturday, March 12, 2022

Hex maps with Inkscape and Hex Map Extension by Pelle Nilsson

Hex maps with Inkscape and Hexmap extension Copyright 2008-2020 Pelle Nilsson and contributors

1) Download Inkscape (if you don't already have it)
2) Download the Hex Map Extension in Git Hub

3) Go to Preferences - either go to Edit > Preferences (very bottom) or Shift+Ctr+P
4) In Preferences look for where Extensions can be Found.

5) Unzip Hex Map Extensions and copy hexmap.inx to /home/user-name/.config/inkscape/extensions (drag and drop works)  
6) Shut down and relaunch Inkscape
7) In Extension > Board Game > Create Hexmaps
8) in Dialogue Box of Create Hexmaps check the Live PREVIEW

  • Mine was buggy, Stroke 0.01 had to be re-encoded to preview. otherwise it disappears. 0.1 inch is just too thick. So after I played around with the settings, I had to retype 0.01 and the grid appears and press apply. 
  • Add Columns and Rows as Needed. 
  • Drag and Select Everything and Manually Center. 
A2 Hex Grid
2ft x 3ft (24in x 36in) Hex Grid 1-inch hex I got quoted 4usd plus 2usd delivery for this. Hope to get it Printed on Monday. I can always have it cut so I can fit in a small table. 

I currently use Cepheus Engine basic combat for just pure combat games. 


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