Monday, March 21, 2022

Progress Update: Delays - bills to pay and Side Projects (more of a work post)

 So my team is delayed this week and probably until the end of the week to next week. This is because i want them to focus more on the future job in doing their 3d part time work. The part time work pays more than what I can afford and is more sustainable in the long term, so I advanced some pay so that they can focus on that one until that job would pay. 

The goal is that the team have a more sustainable side job so in the long term my projects are not going to be a significant source of income. This is where Blender and FreeCad helped people make a living. 

Well my Target was May 1, but real life gets in the way and thats the problem with part time and the natural uncertainty of things. Also I am also a family man so I only got a 1 page draft done this weekend. 

The goal can be so close and so far away depending on the day or the troubles. Right now I wish I could be there helping troubleshoot the rendering issues. I'm more disposed to fix it because my friend left his GT 1070 Asus Desktop with me until he comes back from the US in December (2022). So I can probably prototype those renders faster. I also have the OJTs that I can teach 3D too because they are IT OJTs but they want to do game design and I realized I can teach them 3D as a side gig. 

But I have to focus on a ERPNext migration this week - our vendor is going to give us an image to upload in digital ocean and hopefully migrate baremetal server to digital ocean SG, so we can format those servers to be hypervisors and be remotely controlled with Remmina + OpenVPN. Juggling many dreams - including making the developing world company outside of India very much open source to reduce our 200k usd total cost of ownership yearly (depreciating and equipment for repairs, ISPS, licenses, and the biggest of all GSuite Basic legacy license). 

I assigned OJTs to help john with the javascript problem which is an undefined A2:H which shows up as a "6" is undefined in the World Building Spreadsheet. I honestly wish I can have 2 days to figure this out myself, but I've delegated the programming and I'm not mentally available. 

Whats occupying my mind is the migration, I currently visualizing all the problems and what I will do. Particularly we have to set up ERPNext pop email client so that it can generate a complete backup which we will upload. We will upload first the Sandbox then the Production. Then we will upload to DO, then test it out, then tell the users to migrate to the DO. 

I have to defend my usage of Blender and FreeCAd to the company and fully visualize how it will be used in everything and how its a Win Win to teach as many of the staff and ojts how to do it. Particularly the use of 3d software in planning Construction when I've used it to plan with the wife our move to the new condo. Its strange that I have to justify 3d a lot as well as Maintaining an ASSET library - I dont recommend just grabbing anything off the web and letting the clients "Imagine" something - because what they imagine may be too far from what we can provide and that GAP costs money and frustration. Its Way better to ensure the Client knows exactly what are going to expect from the renders. The MORE we can visualize for the client how the project is Going and What we are going to do the better - the way couples and families fight a lot when it comes to furniture and have the tools in 3D for them to prototype and see how it will look like is SO IMPORTANT. The phenomenon where couples argue in IKEA is alive in well in enterprise fit-out (design and build) but in board rooms instead of dining rooms. 

You can imagine how I'd rather do World Building problems - finish the mechanics, finish the spreadsheet to make it a few clicks not a multi step dice roll, and then proceed to create some Blender models to compliment it. 

Not only do I have to see how Open source tools are supposed to work, but understand what prevents existing users of Autocad (more than a decade old versions) can migrate. What prevents them from understanding the FreeCAD and Blender Workflow... oh and figure out how the Manufacturing Module in ERPNext is supposed to work along side it. 

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