Tuesday, March 8, 2022

One more team member, meetings running long, 4 OJTs

Onboarded another team member. 

His job is to help make the spreadsheet that generate the world. He has some java experience but I shared him my javascript notes and the tutorial that will serve as the first iteration of the world gen form data base. 

The costs will be considerable but i will have some more speed. So launching on May is the worse case scenario. 

Thankfully they are also the same team i'll be using to help in the company's 3d renderings. So after the book they still have jobs in 3d and I can take a break from the writing to focus on my family which I admit i've been neglecting. 

I talked to 4 Ojts and of them 2 are IT and they are very much interested in becoming Game Developers. Typically I require them to make a research paper of their Post Grad Plans which we will refine and update. I want to make sure they watch or read the various Independent Game Development made in Gumroad, Steam, and Itch Io. Particularly how will they balance their constant skill development and their need to make a living. 

I noticed being a Game designer is an easier goal to Understand - you may have a ton skills required but its easy to see the outcome. I noticed there is a HUGE generational GAP - where there really are much fewer TRPGers and Indie games are what is now more accessible. 

I'll be tasking the OJT to research GODOT - which I can justify for the company because its for Walkthroughs in Architectural Visualizations. Walkthroughs are so basic and useful to a lot of people. One of the departments who will find it useful is Mech (HVAC) and Electrical who have a hard time dealing with the 3d Space of HVAC and cabling. A workflow where in 2 days we can produce the areas of work and we can see which is better to arrange: electrical or mechanical or which alternating works has to be arrange given the project - will be aided by 3d Visualization. 

Also rendering Data Centers and the Science behind it has been something I wanted to do. Particularly explaining the science and why our 30 plus years in the biz helps. Particularly how a lot of the concepts and science ties in my Scifi Interests - from near future (next 10 years) to next decades. 

On a personal note that my impression of the IT industry is filled with very dark and depressing realizations which is alleviated by the Open Source and Repair movements. So what I feel about work is mostly upturned by making open source materials more accessible and demonstration and showing how people can make a living (and contribute ) to and with open source. That cutting out middle men and large overheads of management and have small teams of highly professional and high agency workers - delivering critical and high value work at more sustainable prices (prices that are not trying to bleed the next customer or trap people). 

At least I get to Correct and give opportunities I didnt have - the guidance of someone who failed and had to make a living doing something else and watched from the sidelines and appreciated the risks. 

the skills one learns in Game Design where you learn SOOOO MUCH and learn from so many disciplines should be something a lot of Biz Analysts relate to.  


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