Sunday, April 16, 2023

2-Parsec Stand-Alone Progress

Cleaning up 2-Parsec was a challenge since I’m coming from Google Docs1. I learned a lot of problems of MS Word2. It took a while to fix. The GAP, what remains to be done are the following: 
  1. Creating an Outline of the Missing Items for running the Adventure if you have CE SRD. 
  2. Interim Mechanics and Fixes for CE SRD Ships and Space Encounters. 
    1. Stakeholder Identification: these mechanics are for who? 
    2. Problem Statement: What will be their problem (in fact, what are MY problems with it?)? 
    3. Solution Overview: Delta-V budget  
    4. Solution Methodology:  
  3. Interim Equipment Mechanic - same as above the outline. Solving the problem of the missing equipment of a setting with TL from 6 to 16 can be present. Focusing on TL10-11 and some TL14 equipment. 
  4. The Bill of Quantities of the Pictures and material for easy upload for VTTs. 
The target time for the 2-Parsec Stand Alone: End of May. I always underestimate the work involved hoping something complex is actually simple, why dont I ever learn that it's complex - if it was simply someone would have already solved it. 

The target cost for 2-Parsec is 5usd. (I hope to break even, at the very least, I know I’ve learned a lot about the book creation and planning process).  

Key 2500AD Features - this is the default timeline as it allows the most Space-opera-like experience. 
  • Solar Swarms - these gravity, ion, and light sailing satellites come in many sizes - from 100-kiloton behemoths to single-ton butterflies with the surface area of a small town. Swarms that reflect and redirect and concentrate sunlight for terraforming and sustaining the space elevators. These are human-aided evolving into self-sustaining, replicating tools for terraforming and energy management. They have a symbiotic relationship with Trees of Life (Space elevators). 
  • Space Elevators and its “cousin” technologies.  Space elevators are Trees of Life, evolving into huge self-sustaining mega systems and becoming self-replicating and sustaining.  
  • Ring Habitats - the same manufacturing that allows for the creation of Space elevators allow for thousands km long spin habitats and Disk Worlds. The disks are what it appers to be as many graphene cables stretch across the ring like a dream catcher, cables that move storage and counterweights along this network to balance the ring as it spins as well as holding solar panels for energy collection. Allowing for the mass and inertia of huge transit systems to spin along it. 
  • Tethers - with the same material as Rings, the graphene-bonded flexible alloys that make the tether, with a counterweight, manipulate kinetic energy - storing and releasing it to aid escape a gravity well or to slow objects or ships or cargo down to their desired delta-V. 
 Good luck to our Team. 

(1) Comming from Google Docs - we migrated because of the Formatting and Layouting limitations of a browser-based book. Particularly, Google Docs had a hard time…
  • …2-page spread maps. 
  • …Flow Charts with a lot of Text inside. 
  • …80+ pages and 30k words is too ram intensive for 8GB Ram. 
  • …the Layouting is not what people expects with books (with AI being integrated, hopefully, this can aid in layout). 
(2) Problems with MS Word
  • Text with a Hierarchical heading appears in the end of the Document when converting to PDF. This creates problematic artifacts in the Bookmarks of the PDF. 
  • Cannot find text within Shapes. 
  • Headings in Shapes and Tables dont appear in the Table of Contents. The heading problems required me to create Larger Normal Text and White versions of these texts. 
  • Pictures took a lot of work to manage. Many tricky configurations made the text move and adjust in undesirable ways. 
ERRATA for Mneme World Generator
  • Dwarf Worlds should not be able to have "Dense" atmospheres. The maximum atmosphere they can have should be standard (1 atmosphere). Such dwarf worlds are very dense, mostly metallic worlds. They are on their way to become Gas worlds. I don't know when I can get a

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