Monday, April 10, 2023

the 2-Parsecs from Sol add on to Mneme World Generator is out.

 Its been out since Thursday Night. 
Its usable and I will be improving it, and preparing a bunch of things to ensure that with CE SRD + stuff here would be enough to run a game with everything on hand. 

Another Preview. 

There is still a lot to do. 

  1. Clean up as I find errors along the way. 
  2. The write up I promised: Fixing CE SRD's Ship rules. Now that I have ChatGPT4 helping me with the maths and the NASA databases, and to help me proof and rewrite my ideas - now drafting (going through multiple drafts of my stuff is easier with AI). My main problem is how INTEGRATED the problem is - which is a TEST of my Quality management Systems expertise at work. The EQUIPMENT system, Ship's Physics, Operations, Ship Combat, and Ship Creation RULES ALL interact to create a NOVEL problem I hope to fix - in order to deliver to the small audience on SCI-FI RPGers who want to do harder scifi but a little at a time (Not getting overwhelmed). To the point that eventually it all becomes second nature and we can do some of the science and calculations ourselves. Everytime I start, not 30 minutes into it I find myself finding another problem and get distracted. 

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