Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Fixing Cepheus Engine Space Combat Rules - Roll 20 tests.

I have a working model and I will create a Roll20 Public Campaign so people can copy it and run the scenarios when I'm done. 
GOAL: Fun scenarios for people to learn to run CE Space Combat. Finish by end of May. 

  1. I recently analyzed my CE SRD by running it through Hugging Face's ChatGPT-PDF chatbot. The analysis cost me about 0.40 USD from my OpenAI account, but it was worth it. I discovered that there are no Space Movement Rules that I overlooked, and I used the AI to find any other rules that I might have missed. This will improve my CE Aid booklet that will come with the 2-Parsec Stand Alone. It's not just my imagination!
  2. I'm testing the ERGONOMICS of the mechanics draft, but I haven't received any feedback on our design philosophy or how we prioritized our design resources. By "ergonomics," I mean how complicated it is to run the scenario and use that as a limit to how complicated the rules should be. I want it to be possible for the GM and players to run this in one hour at most, and when skilled, be tempted to run multiple engagements (we are designing a way for multiple encounters in the design) so that the most action-packed adventure can be run.
  3. My target is to finish a draft and scenarios for testing by the second week of May. The impact and simplification will take longer. It's supposed to be an aid and not violate the RAW, but it's hard to avoid internal conflicts. For example, using bands instead of open-ended range raises questions like "If I can fire distant targets at difficult, what is the limit of my shot?" or "Missiles can easily cover distances greater than distant, how does that work?"
Overall, I think the analysis and testing will improve the mechanics draft, and I'm excited to see how it turns out.

  • Aura Helps find Friendly/Enemy Ships in a LARGE MAP. 
  • 25x25 map can work for most encounters. 
    • Note that failure to detect is that engagement is at Short 1000km at Planetary Engagements and Long 25k km in Interplanetary encounters.
300px ships since all the ships have a license. This is a procedurally generated ship. anyone can use this. the asterix is for the "Front" so its easy to tell which is the front. 

25x25 Hex(H) 1,000km/hex

50x50 hexes 1,000km per hex.


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