Monday, May 1, 2023

2-Parsec Update: What's Taking So long? Space Encounters and Ship Generation

CE SRD RAW Has some problems. Primarily the Movement in Space and the Thrust Points rules. The main problem when you try to fix this rule is that the Distance per Hex line  has to line up with the Range Bands.

  1. hex distance is TOO big, thrust points make ships get really close very fast. 
  2. hex distance is too small then the MAP is too BIG and the GM will have a hard time telling the story. I am a Roll20 user and I'm working on how I can make this as elegant in Roll20 as possible that when I run the sample encounter it can be a fun distraction. (Proof that the mechanics are robust and wont easily break down).  

Also I want to appease and make people who Play RAW with their Own movement rules - I want their rules will work with my material. I will release the Spreadsheet I used to make the ships as well. As well as videos how to use it. 

And then I have to 2 variant rules. 1 Variant Rules: Quick Fix and Mneme Enhanced. 

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