Friday, May 5, 2023

2-Parsec Update: Stable Diffusion was so mentaly exhausting I need a break

What they dont tell you: 

  1. Its a moderate Computer Skill task requiring a 1d6 hours roll, assuming you have 100mbps, 4GB Vram GPU, etc... Failure Fail effect of additional Hours. In my case it was around 6 or so hours. 
  2. YOu have to run webui to activate it, I dont know how to shut it down without logging out. 
  3. PROMPTS are LONG, and Every GOOD render is UNIQUE that's why you have to save the SEED and the various META data values in order to TWEAK it. 
    1. there is a Detailed Workflow in r/Stable Diffusion of various promotes. 
    2. Every time you turn on the computer you have to Run the Web UI and then check localhost:7860 
  4. Holy crap how much VRAM you need - the picture you see is 1 batch of 512x512!!! that's TINY. also I only had 2 good renders and the rest of the evening was CRAP. 
    1. Takes 5-7 minutes per attempt on the PC. 
    2. Researched Running it in Google Cloud platform, there are Images for Stabel Diffusion there. 
  5. The WEB UI has a LOT Of functions and it will take nicco a while to develop our workflow for this. (while I finish writing the Mechanics and Testing them). 

Prompt was: scarred old muscular veteran medieval soldier, diffuse lighting, lifelike, photorealistic, digital painting, artstation, illustration, concept art, smooth, sharp focus, art by john collier and albert aublet and krenze cushart and artem demura, and alphonse mucha

My hand-drawn style - which i dont know how to Finish honestly. The goal was to have the AI propose ways to finish the drawing. 

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