Thursday, May 18, 2023

2-Parsec Update: Problems we have clearly Identified

We are fixing warship combat because when Firecontrol systems increase (every fighter and every turret/bay) the system breaks down when you have >4 such systems. The amount of rolls slow down the game.

the amount of rolls and is CESRD doesnt make the game enjoyable. if  GM ran it with  a large force against the PCs, the GM will be taking a turn with the Players doing nothing for >2 minutes and possibly 5+ mins.

The most grievous is RAW  gives the ship with the highest initiative 2 turns per turn. Once an enemy ship ambushes another ship they will have automatic 2 turns for the duration of the combat. 

How an Ambusher can act twice per turn for the duration of the combat

How ships ambush other ships

MNEME Changes

  1. Clarification how Ranges work and Encounter Ranges. 
  2. What factors allow for Ambush and Prevent the Ambush
  3. Protocols around Transponders and when to Fire Upon threats, - admittedly this cannot be so simple -
    1. Its not simple because I have to make Protocols and reasoning behind the protocols. Example - Warships cannot Broadcast their Transponders - the way the US and China doesn't broadcast where their warships are. But how do you distinguish a Legitimate Warship vs a Raider? This is not simple and players who just jump in without understanding the setting will be disappointed or disagree with the gm.  
    2. But creating the framework helps for the GM and Players to prepare to develop when they Shoot at something because they know the risks of doing so. Consensus regarding this needs to be written and people on the same page. I know people who respect lethal force have a firm understanding on it. 

In CESRD you roll Point Defense against every missile a cumulative -1. 

  • A  gunner can keep rolling turret gunner until he misses BUT each additional attack is a DM-1.  gunner ca keep rolling turret gunner 
  • So a 12 Missile - missile bank causes a ship to PD up to -11 to Hit. Guaranteed success to hit.
  • A Tripple missile Turret will give a -2 cumulative penalty, regardless of hitting the first missile.  
MNEME changes
  • Simpler 
  • Will not breakdown in a 48 Missile swarm of a 4-missile bank Missile Frigate. 

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