Tuesday, May 23, 2023

1DT for Reference and Stable Diffusion: AI as a force multiplier

Fixing Chapter 6: Offworld Travel in CE for Mneme some Visuals are important. Like having to model Lifepods, Cabins and Staterooms. There are many necessary details in the chapter that needs clarifying. Like detailing whats in a Stateroom and Cabin and how much "Common Areas" are - and funnily enough I work in Fit-Out Contruction and Furniture manufacturing to want to fill it up with details I hope to immerse players into and its far reaching implications. 

  • Passenger ships keeping stores of Vacc Suits and Passengers are expected to wear the vacc suit during travel, unless they have their own (Unlikely if they don't work as a spacer). Child sized Vacc suits. 
  • What do passengers do in a 1-month long voyage? (4 weeks, 4 jump-1 Jumps).
  • "Seating" where do people sit or rest and how many to accommodate. 
  • As I fixed the Drones and Robot rules, the Drone Helper helps a typical family or accompanies a person (and how some Systems this is a BASIC that is provided at different ratios). 
  • The Costs - when the GM starts using operating costs as the basis of all the costs. Its more expensive and its per Room per Jump per Week. Who pays for it? 
    • Entities pay for it: Gov'ts and Corporations who want the manpower. And Alliances and Diplomatic Relations exist to ensure that the people are not going into slavery in their destination. 
    • Of course the human trafficking is part of the risks, and why would people traffic humans if Drones and Robots and AI and CLoning exist. 
  • Costs and logistics of a Star port and their grades. The kinds of encounters in a starport. 

A Cabin and a Stateroom. The key difference is the Lifepod. A solid metal hard-shell survival low berth, fresher (at it contains the human waste processing and recycling) and the "Bed" where families and passengers spend their days while travelling in deep space. 

Our bedroom at home, is about 2.5DT including the "Fresher" and a family in the developing world where living space is about ~13 sqm per human (we are 6 humans living in 79sqm) (1 sqm is about 10sqft)

Stable diffusion for your Games, not for publishing. Stable diffusion is just another LEVEL when you think of the stuff you can make for your games. Here is Mike's Character in Bob's Traveller game named James T Kirk. Who is the second officer, It took about 50+ tries and iterating. About 2 hours on this one, but the previous tried were about an additional 3-4 hours. 

AI is such a powerful force multiplier that I've come to reorder all my assumptions around it on Scifi. And it gives a higher level of detail in my games. 

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