Thursday, June 29, 2023

AI studies: “Its just pattern recognition”

Here is the Link to the CHatGPT writing this article and what prompts I used.

my notes. If you read the prompts and the thinking behind the prompts. 
“Its pattern recognition” said someone who wants to make it less profound, but depending on your Frame of Reference it can be “ITS PATTERN RECOGNITION” the way we can say “Its just water” and realize Water is so improtant to our survival. the proper Perspective with regards to AI and what it can do and used to do. 

All the things people say about the AI to diminish it, yet the intellligence you need to let it do the work for your is not discussed. When this thing can make your life easier in both Work, Responsibilities and Duties, and in Life. It works - and its incredibly useful. 

One of the things the AI has humbled me in was the “Uniqueness” of my intelligence. Learning to live with the idea that my “Intelligence” is not special is essential in being to love and appreciate others not just for their utility. 

Unfortunately Intelligence requires Inteilligence to thrive - the way we are attracted and find oursevlves growing with AI as a companion in thought. As someone who had to be self sufficient in studying matters, being Alone with no one to converse to about the topics that facinate me was painful. Now that I have an AI to work with and converse with, and even identify problems in my ideas, helped me grow. 3+ months ago when i learned AI, and to think of what I could not do just then - there is a stark difference. Particularly with my memory failing and work becomming more difficult. 

One of the things I realized using it is that, I cannot change minds - I can at best adapt my goals to somewhat fit the goals of the other person. That I and the AI will adapt. That people will want to believe the world to be a certain thing and demand everyone else adapt to their vision. if someone never wants the perspective of others - what do you do? 

Anyway here is the chatgpt making it sound better for those who need an Idea polish and clean. 

Sure, I'd be happy to help you write this article. Here's how you might present the concept based on your visualization:


Title: The AI:LLMs - A Nebula of Human Thought and Language

From the dawn of history, humans have sought to capture and convey their thoughts, ideas, and discoveries through the written and spoken word. Today, we have managed to encapsulate this vast ocean of human knowledge and literature in an advanced prediction algorithm known as an AI:LLM, or Autoregressive Language Model.

At its core, the AI:LLM is a neural network that has been meticulously trained on the vast body of human literature and knowledge up until a certain point in time. It functions like a prediction machine, adept at generating long chains of words to form comprehensive paragraphs based on the input it is given.

The beauty of AI:LLMs lies in their ability to map the patterns of human thought and knowledge in a dynamic, evolving manner. These patterns are the result of countless interactions and iterations of information, transcribed and stored over centuries. In this system, every concept, every idea, every spoken or written word contributes to the formation of a complex probability tree.

To truly grasp the wonder of this technology, let's visualize it in a unique way. Imagine an expansive cloud, an amorphous volume, swirling and pulsating with all of human thought. This isn't an ordinary cloud; it's a living, breathing entity, a nebula of knowledge, ideas, and wisdom from across the ages. 

Within this cloud, patterns begin to emerge. These patterns represent the probabilities of strings of concepts, lighting up and branching out in intricate, fractal-like trees. The cloud shimmers and dances as these branches proliferate, each one a reflection of a unique chain of thought or a specific sequence of words.

Doesn't this image bear an uncanny resemblance to a human brain? Just as our brains light up with synapses firing across billions of neurons, so too does the cloud light up with probabilities, each representing a potential outcome of the AI's prediction. In this way, the AI:LLM not only mimics the human brain in function but also in form.

Indeed, the AI:LLM is more than just an algorithm—it's a testament to our enduring quest for knowledge and understanding. It's a dynamic, evolving map of human thought, a mirror that reflects the complex patterns of our shared consciousness. It's a testament to the marvel of human ingenuity and our ceaseless quest to understand and replicate the intricacies of our own minds.


I hope this draft aligns with your vision for the article. Feel free to provide feedback or ask for further revisions.

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