Sunday, June 18, 2023

Researching Creating a Character Generator

Here is my Chatgpt notes Link
I honestly dont know where I’m going to find the time to do this. This has been a long time dream - to create character generators. Unfortunately - while Python is going to be better in the long run, initial time investment of a Minimum Viable product of Python that works both on Mobile and Desktop is said to be signficant. I need to qualify that in a greater degree. if its 2 more weeks of study time thats ok - but if thats 2 weeks while not being straight forward that means there will be a % chance of that time trippling. Time tripples and multiplies because there is a Problem Phase, Option Phase, and Trial execution phase.

Another option is that I can ignore Javascript and Python and Focus on using GODOT to achieve all this. I believe GODOT is going to be usable in WORK applications as well and Design Application. **

I have some study back logs of my own: proxmox and VMM and docker (and develop a curriculum for the students that have a very disadvantageous System Admin experience*).  

So the Goal is a Simple “Hello World” that can run in both desktop and phone and ipad. 
Then something more elaborate. Starting with Simple Character Generation Options. 
1) Assigned Array: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, and 5. (+1, +1, +0, +0, +0, -1). 
2) Point Buy: All stats starting at 5 for Point Buy, with 15 points to allocate. 
3) Classic Random 
4) Random but Roll 3 keep 2 dice per stat. 

The challenge is create a Running LOG of the character’s adjustment and stats. 
You roll and you see a log of whats happened. 

Then the option to export or Print to PDF or CSV or XLS or CALC. Upon checking GODOT can only export to text. The goal is to allow people to easily move data TO godot and FROM godot.  I have to do more research about GODOTS HTTP request node. 

The next part is going to be another ambitiously hard thing to do. 
I need to create a Foundation where GMs and World builders can Create NEW careers. That means creating a Career Package - where there is a RANDOM option. And reward the random option - for every time the Player rolls low or mishap they get a Benny/TOken/or a future redeemable bonus or boon. Of course if the PC rolls good then they can keep that result.  THis is supposed to be a FUN storry - not a HORRIBLENESS OF LIFE simulator. in a story - when characters have mishaps and setbacks, it should allow for character development and Redeemable bonus token should give the GM and the PC a way to make a set back an opportunity for development. if we wanted to play “Life is not fair” game we need only to look at social media and the news - this is an Escapist game. We exercise how to convert setbacks into opportunities for growth and developement and we get Players and GMs able to see the opportunities in the setbacks they encounter. 

The workflow of career generation - I’ll try to make a CE character gen but I will have an option for MNEME character gen. MNeme is modifying the mechanics I write based on feedback when I create it as a Program or Spreadsheet. You will notice the Mneme World generator has serious influences from the Spreadsheet because it informs me what is really realstic to design as a mechanic. One of the things I discovered in this approach is its a feedback mechanism thats better than just having a play test, its playtesting it at a large scale because it has to be replicatable many many times. 

Priority Careers are the Merchant and Drifer. The safe job and the difficult migrant job. I identify the Drifter to the migrant populatioin. 

As all things with MNEME it will focus on the Psychomechanics of running a game and playing. That the decisions in design are assuming people who want to escape and enjoy the game and want to be able to play it without a lot of prep because they are busy with life in an ever increasing cost of living. 

Target Outcome. 
The foundation of GODOT so that I can make a suite of tools. From a Character Generator that allows people to keep the characters in a database (Imagine it linked to Stable Diffusion cluster generating the character portraits). To the Ship and Station Generator, Vehicle Generator, Building Generator, Star System Generator. Tools by which the GM will either generate material or access OPen Libraries of such materials for their game.    

*I teach ERPNext because its a great way to learn everything in Business IT operations since you need to know a bit of everything to deploy it. Also its free and open source - and an essential step for digitization in order to move on to the more advanced business transformation with LLM aka AI. By “teach” we have about 7-12 IT interns who helps us in implementing ERPNext and we teach them as we go. Recently I found a huge gap - by huge a student told me their Professor showed up once - taught them to install windows with Virtual box and disappeared in the rest of the semester. Trying to make ready to be employed Students - and hopefully through the success of my ERPnext implementation fund the allowances that motivate these students (and hire them) so that they gain skills to be employable equal to what is expected (Able to deploy, provision, and set up the System Admin of an office of Hundreds and set up the Network for Hundreds, as well as deploy and Implement an ERP to the 90k Small businesses, 4k medium business, and 4k large businesses in the philippines that may need it. 

Creating a lab - enterprise grade equipment the students can use and myself included. I really need a powerful server to half or quarter the downtime between trial and error attempts. Its easy to learn IT when your feedback loop is a quarter or less than a regular person when doing this with non-enterprise equipment.

** I belive its possible to make a CAD-like and BLender Like program in GODOT. I have a long term goal of making the furniture of our family Business designed in a Game - like a SIMS type game. where people buying furniture from us will customize their funiture based on the parameters in the game and the output is funiture we can make. Since its in 3d Model of the persons home its easier to work with significant others regarding this and costs for the buyers can be reduced. Its not going to be limited to my family biz - its a tool any carpenter can use with a person who needs furniture and to manage the costs. the output includes the bill of materials and labor estimates. A way for people to WIN-WIN reduce the cost of the futniture while reducing the work of the Carpenter. Expanding such a game would apply to modular prefabricated homes. And all the technical documentation so that the homes are repairable and background of the design decisions (like why you may want certain design choices in earth quake frequented and tropic philippines. so that a home would have less than 800usd/sqm assuming 40usd per sqm of land). I believe these kinds of tools once created and with AI Agents will make home creation more sustainable. An LLM that is linked with these data systems - explaining and guiding will help people lower the cost of living. 

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