Wednesday, June 14, 2023

GURPS Tech Level 9 and CE TL 8 - VR Headsets and AI - Machine Vision

 The VR headset Apple announced is masterful, and my wife knows me as an apple hater despite having an IPAD (and the reason is because of my Right to Repair beliefs). One of the lessons from Apple is that - they focused on a USE case and for the Scifi Prophets out there - the Screen Replacement or Vision Re-imagining. 

Machine Vision

Machine Vision's implication is a screen replacement. Going beyond the Xinch screen paradigm - and customizing it to every user is by simply using High Res VR screens on the users Eyes. Apple with their hardware prowess, are poised to make the most high-end VR headset possible. 

Meta should be thankful, they have the Supply Chain to follow Apple. Supply chain - is a big deal because it takes years to set up. Meta is the closest to Apple in positioning for this technology. Now Apple pointed out - VISION - use it for VISION! 

Replacing Screens and Slowly creating immersive environments by having the highest fidelity is the high End market that is Experienced Based Products. Apple is correct in point out the use cases - the 3d Recording of Family moments and Taking the Machine out and recording your Beach, Forest, and Travel is going to be a source of new Influencers - This has been PREDICTED already in various scifi where people IMMERSE in VR and people experience things others have. 

Even the normal person - the non geek knows how great this is. And they are willing to pay good money for it. 

What does that mean to a TRPG gamer: With a Powerful Wearable Computing hardware to process Vision and AI able to TRANSCODE signals directly to our Visual Cortex - CYBERNETIC VISION. the blind able to see. (See news on AI brain signals)

It begins with people who can afford the 10,000usd tech (probably the total cost of ownership) to help them with their Vision. No more GLASSES, the VR headset adapts to your vision problems. 

Exercising the Eyes - if you follow Sci show by Hank Greene you may be inclined to the hypothesis that its reading and indoor conditions that resulted in Nearsight and if you've sat through your eye doctors explanation - then you may realize that VR allowing me to ENLARGE Distant objects allows my eyes to exercise and maintain the lense muscles that is needed to mitigate my vision loss. 

People able to afford the cutting edge of VR headset will have better vision and for those of us who really appreciate our vision. in a few years this technology would look more elegant and less bulky. 

those of us Plebians will probably buy 5 generations behind bulky machines allowing us in our 60s to afford some clear vision for a couple of hours a day. 

AI assisted Makers will probably cobble together low powered low res Vision Tools for the blind with the a Future version of Rasberry Pi. with a belt slung all-day 10,000mha Lithium battery. Low ress vision tools for the blind or those with irredeemable eyes. 

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