Monday, March 15, 2010

Female Warriors

One of the better threads, particularly since it is very constructive to me. Taking to account, biology and how it affects culture and the role of women in warfare. I know women in history can be very depressing, especially since the extents cultures have used women as a population resource more than a another contributing individual.

The history of misogyny is quite telling as many of these terrible ideas are actually quite recent (11-13C on ward). Particularity the intolerance and condemnation of women that challenged the status quo and how they are conveniently and painfully silenced as witches.

Even today we have witch burning, in the form of dehumanizing by calling them ***** and *******. It is uncomfortable when I do not hold back the misogyny when I run my historical games, but that's nothing when I'm very much aware of common modern practices of it. What would be worse is actually ignoring it and pretending it doesn't happen. In the RPG it is disturbing, but is also a reminder of a past many people tried to survive and the new forms the same problems take.

As for problem solving, I like seeing how players try to role-play the weakness of the situation and how they overcome them despite the odds. Searching for a solution in character is hard, but that's the challenge. I always consider seeing and identifying my limits more easily a good thing (especially in a harmless and friendly medium).

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