Monday, March 29, 2010

My Osric Character: Dwarven Fighter Thief

Rolled using sending my GM the results simultaneously as I get them.

As a one shot, a lot of things are simplified. Long term character design build is out of the window. Keeping to my magical bias (and wanting to simplify my life) I am playing a naturally magically resistant race.

Playing this system is really weird for me if you noticed any pattern in what I like to tinker about.

My minimax concept is a classic dwarven pragmatist. I plan to play neutral, although since I'm uncomfortable with the alignment system since it assaults what I have learned about history, ethics, morality and psychology so I'm playing neutral. You can say, I'm that old 19Century concept of the Economic Man. Particularly when very long term and great fore-sighted self interest is almost indistinguishable from rational altruism.

The way the setting is made up, you can't exactly apply pre-modern/enlightenment morality without some disturbingly Bizarre consequences.

Normal Built, but a rather lean waist because of the very good dexterity. Charisma 13, in dwarven demographics I would assume it is the upper 16%. Intelligence and Constitution is also rather high given the range.

As for name, maybe Hammer-cart Borga. Blehhh... oh well. Having finally taken the time to read Osric, the equipment and weapons are heavy! I mean 8lb bow, 7lbs swords, 15lbs of leather armor... which is possible if it was something like very heavy hardened leather, which was common in ancient armies as non-metal elite professional soldier armor. Where are the clothes?

The tables are dizzying, i wonder why they didn't take the 3e formula system. particularly the one about Fighters having a +1 to hit a first level?

Anyway, its interesting that being a Tactician or Strategist may be difficult since there are no information gathering skills to set limits what the character may know. I know your supposed to "role-play" within character, I'm aware of information asymmetry. Still what stops me from applying a bunch of critical thinking skills in a constructive way I can feel or understand the limits of what I am able to do thus make the most optimal strategy?

... what the heck.

4d6 keep 3.
Abilities (Racial Modifiers Applied)
Str 11
Dex 16
Con 14
Int 13
Wis 10
Cha 13

Rolled Normal Build (taking Averages)

Equipment. (Rolled 110gp)

  • Non-Load bearing Items (13lbs, 18.83gp)

    • Bracer 1lb, 0.8gp

    • Gloves 3gp

    • Cloak 2lbs 0.03gp

    • Leather Armor 10lbs 15gp

  • Slung Items (25lbs, 6gp)

    • Shield (slung) 5lbs, 3lbs

    • 50ft Rope (slung) 10lbs. 1gp

    • 2 Waterskins (full of water; slung) 10lbs 2gp

  • Belt (occupied) 0.5gp (24lbs, 52.42gp)

    • Small Belt Pouch (Occupied) 1lb, 0.2gp

      • Thief's tools 1lb, 30gp

      • Flint and Steel 1gp

      • Whet stone 1lb 0.02

    • Small Belt Pouch (Occupied) 1lb, 0.2gp

      • *Money*

    • Dagger (Sheathed) 1lb, 1gp

    • Hand Axe (Slung) 1lb, 1gp

    • Small Quiver (occupied) 1lb, 1gp

      • Unstrung Short bow 8lbs, 15gp

    • Large Quiver (occupied) 2lbs, 2.5gp

      • 24 arrows 8lbs, 4gp

  • Backpack (occupied) 10lbs, 2gp (40lbs, 16.55gp)

    • Bedroll 5lbs, 0.2gp

    • Blanket 2lbs, 0.05gp

    • Crowbar 5lbs, 2gp

    • Grappling Hook 4lbs, 1gp

    • 5 days Rations 10lbs 2gp

    • 2 sacks 2lbs 0.3gp

  • Money Left 16.2gp, 1.8lbs

  • Total 102lbs

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