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GURPS Mass Combat - Fief Manpower tables

Manpower is produced by a warlord's fief or province. They don't have a cost to raise because these are duties peasants and nobles owe the master of that realm. This can take many forms: Feudal obligations, Civic or Religious duties."

How this works.

The Warlord chooses which to take with him on campaign (typically 2 months), depending on his annual military budget. He can choose to spend to upgrade existing forces, change their training, and hire mercenaries. A major cost undertaking is building the Logistics Strength, which eats up 2/3 of the budget.

These will raise, on average, a force of 1000 men. Typically this is a force controlled by a Baron or Dux. A Pinceps or Feudal Duke, will command an number of these warlords.

Every region of a population of 225,000 (6k sq km) in the campaign setting can be assigned a table like the ones below. These tables allow for great variety in strategies for the players and NPCs.

Campaigning Budget:

  • Annual Income: $8.1M (TL2)

    • $1.62M (20%) Infrastructure (County)

    • $0.81M (10%) Administration

    • $2.43M (30%) Tribute

    • $0.81M (10%) Growth

    • $2.43M ((30%) Military budget:

Western Force Resources Available:

  • Knights (GG Heavy Cavalry Impetuous) 1 element

  • Sergeant

    • Man-at-Arms (BI Heavy Cavalry) 1d3 elements

    • Skirmishers (BA Light Cavalry) 1d3 elements

  • Sergeant footman 2d elements.

    • BA Heavy infantry

    • BA Medium Infantry
  • Peasant Levies (commanded by sergeants)

    • Spearmen (BI Heavy Infantry) 5d x2 elements

    • Pikemen (BI Pikemen) 6d elements
    • Archers (BA Bowmen) 2d elements
    • Crossbowmen (GI Bowmen) 4d elements
    • Engineer (Sappers) 3d elements

Eastern Force Resources Available:

  • Faris

    • Horse Archers (BA Horse Archers) 2d elements

    • Skirmishers (BA Light Cavalry) 2d elements
  • Peasant Levies

    • Spearmen (BI Heavy Infantry) 5d elements

    • Tribesmen (BI light Infantry or medium infantry) 6d elements
    • Pikemen (BI Pikemen) 6d elements
    • Archers (BA Bowmen) 3d elements
    • Crossbowmen (GI Bowmen) 3d elements
    • Engineer (Sappers) 4d elements

Imperial Province Resources Available:

  • Kataphrakt (GG Medium Cavalry) 1 element

  • Feoderati Levies

    • Horse Archers (BA Horse Archers) 1d elements

    • Skirmishers (BA Light Cavalry) 1d elements
  • Peasant or Feoderati Levies

    • Spearmen (BI Heavy Infantry) 6d elements

    • Feoderati (BI Medium Infantry) 4d elements
    • Pikemen (BI Pikemen) 6d elements
    • Archers (BA Bowmen) 4d elements
    • Engineer (Sappers) 5d elements

A – Average

B – Basic

G – Good

E – Elite

P – Poor

I – Inferior

Engineers can be converted to Artillery.

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